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a few technical questions whose answer would help me greatly thanks

Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:57 pm

a) proposing a peace (in case of a player-run nation)

you can't propose a white peace, and forcing a white peace for a PLAYER is frustrating
so what is syntax ?

let's say you want give prussia a chance to make peace with Saxony before AI Austria intervenes
you put a condition like

SelectFaction = GER
CheckIsPlayer = NULL

then action

SelectFaction = SAX
AddDiploItem = GER; $diOfferPeaceDefeat
up to now this is OK but you have a proposal to add
(attributes *Peace*|*PeaceWinProp*)
you want SAX to offer a one time 1 credit payment to Prussia (that's the closest you can have from white peace)
what is the syntax to write the full proposal ? couldn't find it documented, in foryum, or in any example of written events scripts !

b) confirmation

we do have SetDiploItemBias (documentation isn't up to date? right ? in Philippe's or Fernando's scripts we don't have the AI. before) we also have ChgDiploRelBias, but we don't have ChgDiploItemBias ? (too bad , would be really handy to act by differential, priovided certain configurations and situations are met)
could we have it ? easily ?

c) syntax of $diShowSupport
by replication the AIDiplobias file syntax, it seems the equivalent of *Military* is *DipSupport*

is it confirmed ?

sorry if it seems silly, but I'm a beginner at scripting, and needs all this for correctly proposing something for a revamped accurately historical "Pangermanism" event (and many others) as well as testing Austrian reaction

historically, European cabinets reacted in an incremental and subtle way, rarely (sometimes) by an outright DoW to a bullying power, but more usually (Balance of Power era) by coming progressively closer to victim and distanciating from agressive power - and they made extensive use of warning, with big crisis interactions
slow escalation/reactions something I want to simulate - thanks
[color="#FF0000"]- (ordnance) Your Lordship, sorry to awake you, but The french are at our door !

- Alarm, alarm, how did you let this happen and not awake me ! repel them, counterattack at once !

- err, your Lordship, ahem... French are our allies, Marshal de St Arnaud is expected to attend to a conference with you !

- ahem, well, .... very well ..let them in !

(charge of the light brigade movie)

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