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Gold version - rather minor issues

Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:20 am

1. TRAINS [Drang scenario]
Funny, but there are still those red Austrian trains in GOLD version. I was hoped they got right color, but still no luck. They are as red as they were in RUS. 1.06

599AUSHeavy Armored Train.uni
598AUSLight Armored Train.uni

UID = 599
NationTag = AUS
Name = Heavy Armored Train
Alias = uni_AUS_Amt2
ForcePool = 10
ShortName = Arm. Train
Text = $uni_AUS_Amt2_txt
Color = $colREDRegular

should be
Color = $colAUSRegular

And as German player one can build German trains in Katowice (a place in Poland without railroads).
Hmm, Katowice without railroads? So how they have built those coal mines there :mdr: ... _in_Poland

"Upper Silesian Railway Company

In 1842, the Upper Silesian Railway Company, licensed since 1839, opened the first two sections of its main line: Breslau (Polish: Wrocław) to Ohlau (Polish: Oława) on 22 May and Ohlau (Polish: Oława) to Brieg (Polish: Brzeg) in August. These are the oldest railway sections of present Poland. Step by step the Upper Silesian Railway (Oberschlesische Eisenbahn, OSE) line was extended, in 1846 connecting Katowice. In 1847 Mysłowice at the border of Austrian Galicia was reached and the connection to Kraków and Upper Silesian Railway complete.

In 1856 the Upper Silesian Railway Company built a line from Breslau (Wrocław) to Posen (Polish: Poznań), and took over the administration of Stargard–Poznań Railway, in order to control the traffic between Silesia and the Port of Stettin (Polish: Szczecin)."


There is Stanislawow (south of Lemberg) but the area around it is still Ivano-Frankivsk (1960's name).
Przemysl is still called Festung Przesmyl. ... emy%C5%9Bl

"The Siege of Przemyśl was the longest siege of the First World War, and a crushing defeat for Austria-Hungary against the Russian attackers. Przemyśl (German: Premissel) was a fortress town on the River San and a Galician stronghold. "

There is Wyzkow north of Warszawa. Should be Wyszkow [Wyszków]

Not a big deal anyway, but those red trains really hit me. Again.
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