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Improving Armored Trains

Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:11 pm

Ideas on what could be done to enhance the role of armored trains in the game:

Idea 1: Make them capable of being incorporated in divisions. As well, allow artillery detachments and armored trains to merge in a single unit(if possible make this unit possible to be divided back in sub-components), thus making it seem as if the artillery was placed in railroad wagons or platforms.

So for example: Siberians build an armored train in Omsk. They have 3 76mm batteries in the same region. The player merges these detachments into one unit and incorporates in a division.

Idea 2(Radically changing them in the game): Change the whole mechanism of creating armored trains: that is make the player capable of building a locomotive(which will propel the train) and wagons/platforms(where the player could position his artillery). After building these units the player would have the right to add artillery to the wagons. Then the train can be assembled from the singular wagons with attached artillery and the locomotive, to create a single armored train which can be incorporated in a division.

As well: the locomotive cannot be captured but it is possible to capture the wagons if the locomotive is destroyed(symbolizing the idea that the wagons lost the ability to retreat with the rest of the forces and fell in the hands of the advancing foe.

So for example: the player builds three armored wagons and a locomotive. To arm the three wagons he builds a 105mm field artillery battery and two 76mm batteries. He merges the artillery with the wagons(arming them) and combines the wagons with the locomotive to form an armored train unit.
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