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Polish auto-declaration of war

Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:30 pm

Recently a new feature was introduced into the GC (and the May 1919 scenario): the possibility for Poland to declare war on Bolshevik Russia if Southern White NM sinks too low. While this is a great idea :thumbsup: , it seems to me that some mistakes might have been made while implementing it:

1) Polish troops spawning at Minsk, Vilinius and Baranavichy: Unlike the rest of the Polish territory these cities are accessible before a possible Polish DOW. I haven't found anything in the event file dealing with Red troops occupying these cities (even worse in the Short Campaign the Red side starts with a garrision in Minsk).
The event script hands ownership of these cities over to Poland without considering who previously owned these cities.
Might be more realistic to spawn these troops elsewhere.

2) Polish OOB contains units that are already in the scenario:

a) the WH4 general Bulak-Balakovich.

b) Ukrainian forces although the Ukraine might still exist as a seperate faction. Perhaps there should be a check who holds Kiev before spawning these units.

c) Lithuanian troops although Lithuania might be neutral.

I have a game where Poland is about to enter the war. I will report how things turn out or if I notice anything else. :)

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