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AI question and a comment on victory

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:56 pm
by blackknight
Hi all-

I've been enjoying RUS immensely. I have two ideas I'd like to share as potential improvements.

1) The AI seems susceptible to tunnel vision. Specifically, in both my Grand Campaign game and the Polish-Soviet War game I was able to take important locations when the AI became obsessed with my largest stack.

-In the GC, I was going after Riga and had a huge stack approaching from the west. The AI sent a monstrous army out from Riga after I failed to take it, and continued to fight my largest stack (c.2500-3000 pwr). Meanwhile a modest stack of about 500 pwr snuck into the now undefended Riga from the north, netting me not only the VPs but also cutting supply to the AI's monster army which perished not long after.

-In the Polish-Soviet War, after taking Minsk as Red I advanced SW with a big stack led by Tukhachevsky (c.3500 pwr) and was confronted by seemingly every Pole in existence. These two armies battered each other while another army lead by Budyionny approached Warsaw from Lvov and seized it along with ever other Polish victory city. The huge Polish stack facing Tukachevsky never moved in response to this strategic flanking.

So it appears to me that you can get the AI to focus on a huge stack, which the AI will try to match, while other armies sufficient to take crucial objectives maneuver around the AI's big stack. The AI doesn't seem to know how to deal with this. I think it should it those cases fall back to defend the crucial locations as best it can, rather than stand immobile and fixated on my largest stack.

2) I am so let down by the victory screens. In the Polish-Soviet War I took every Polish city and had every other victory location except Odessa. I had something like 1900 VPs to Poland's 400. And the game called it a stalemate. Was I supposed to seize every location to get a "win" screen? Also, how is it possible that Polish morale was still in the 40s after I had taken all of their cities?

I understand that, intellectually, I should be able to gauge victory and defeat on my own but it would be nice for the game to recognize this things and give the player a nice kudos screen after a big win. :thumbsup:

Thanks for listening.

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:15 pm
by Athens
As I've said either the Seprus team has to remove the AI events or update them to the new version of RUS. Such AI behaviour, without one of thse 2 solutions will arise more and more often.Even with the 1.02b, I've been forced to do some changes in FY for the AI. It's just becoming weaker in RUS with each release.