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Leader "Melds" with Unit

Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:50 pm

Here is a bug I have seen before. It happened my last PBEM as Reds, as a matter of fact. Latest steam version. Budenny "melded" into a unit in his stack during combat. Now the same thing has happened to Blucher in another PBEM. Here is a screenshot after a recent combat phase where a stack Blucher commanded (he had formed a corps) was attacked. Blucher disappeared at the start of the combat and apparently did not participate or lend his stats. When I keep the stack together, Blucher is no longer visible. Then I checked through the stack and found Blucher - or his portrait at least. He had "melted" into a Red militia unit (see screenshot). When you put this unit back into the stack again, he disappears and the stack appears to be uncommanded.


Any thoughts on this? I have asked my esteemed opponent to see if re-running the turn helps.

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Re: Leader "Melds" with Unit

Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:06 am

For what it is worth, I think this is a lot like when my generals disappear into a non-region. They are present, but you cannot play them. I have seen this happen after a battle in a manner similar to what you describe, but usually it happens when I have them on passive stance, avoid battle and they run into an enemy force.

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