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Diplo Relations Ledger Page: Game Desperately Needs This

Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:38 pm

"Who Am I at War With?" thread I just posted in at Paradox . . . why are these AGEOD forums so dead?

It is March 1757 I'm Prussia. I took Prague and Koneiggratz in late 1756. The event for "Russia allies with France and is 'technically' at war' fired. HRE declared war on Prussia. I can move units into the northern part of Poland (which I'm assuming is a Russian protectorate?) and have small Brigades currently set to attack in Gdsanks and Elbing . . . but aparently I'm not actually at war with Poland?

Getting to understand the command chain was a bit tricky, but now that I get the hang of it, it is brilliant.

This lack of a quick and easy "Diplomatic Relations" page in the Ledger however is just plain annoying. We need a screen that tells us our diplomatic relationship with every sovereign in the game, including rights of passage or whatever it is that is allowing me to send troops through Poland, even though we are not at war. The use of a semi-scripted approach to a semi-sandbox historical game is fantastic, but that doesn't mean such a user-friendly page should not be provided.

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Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:58 pm

Something related to this I suspect.

It is March 1757, same situation I describe above, playing with the 1.03 beta 5 patch. At the end of 1756 the Hessian, Hannoverian, and Braunschweig formations became manipulable by me (I reorganized how the Rgt are grouped into brigades).

A couple turns later these sovereigns became "active."

Imhoff's Force is in Hannover, adjacent to Lehrte (under direct Prussia control and directly east of Hannover). I can move Imhoff's force out of Hannover and into Lehrte, even though I cannot move it into any of the Hannoverian provinces that are adjacent and I get the "This region cannot be entered: the region is neutral or blocked." I can also move the two cuirassier Hannoverian detachment in Stade across the river into Hamburg, but cannot move them around inside Hannover.

I'm guessing that the event for the German Minor Allies of Prussia to become full allies has not fired yet, and as such, these Hannoverian, GB, etc. units are _supposed_ to be stuck for now?

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Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:50 pm

Exactly ! For now, you cannot move them because they are not at war "yet". You can control them (but it is useless) because they already have a (secret IIRC) agreement with Frederic.

As for Poland, I agree it is VERY confusing. I believe there should be a event at the beginning of the game to tell you about what happens with Poland. In my first game, I also sieged uselessly Polish cities.

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Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:51 am

Anthropoid wrote:"Who Am I at War With?" thread I just posted in at Paradox . . . why are these AGEOD forums so dead?

First it seems somewhat tricky that you earn nothing from siegeing polish cities, but historically Frederick was very clever not to stir up the Polish Sejm, the polish aristocratic parliament and regard therefore Poland as neutral.
At the timeframe Poland was in a Personal Union with the Electorate of Saxony, but Frederick declared War only to Saxony not to Poland.
Poland was at that time no Russian Protectorate but an relatively independant state under the influence of France which often influenced the election of the Polish King in the early 18th century.
August the Strong was enabled to retreat to Poland after his Army was defeated by allowance of the Prussian King and stayed there neutral until the End of the SYW. Altough Russia send its forces thru Poland they get no greater support from Poland because some decades earlier Poland was often at war with Russia under their famous elector king Jan Sobieski the Saviour of Vienna anno 1683.
If the Polish Sejm would have decided to participate in the SYW aside the Austrians the SYW would have ended very cruel to the old Prussia and therefore Poland would had no "Teilung" and would have not occupied by his great neighbours some decades later.

Sofar my personal opinion. I hope it was some help for you...


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Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:26 am

Thanks for the information Hohenlohe! Interesting stuff.

I think a diplomacy page in the ledger that simply showed relations with every sovereign might be better than events. There is probably a way to skim through past events which I have not figured out yet. But the ledger is obvious even to new players.

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