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Typographical & Editorial Errors

Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:49 pm

It is something I'm good at, so I'll offer up any I notice here in this thread. I'm playing right now with the 1.02 patch, which is the latest available via Gamersgate.

Tutorial Movement Orders 2/2
1st paragraph, 4th line:
"and, of course, the units itself."

Should be:
"and, of course, the units themselves."

"and, of course, the unit itself."

Tutorial Regiments
1st paragraph:
"Lets begin at the lowest level: Companies (or squadrons for cavalry, the name differs, but we are talking the same entity size here, 100 to 200 men)."

Better would be:
"Regiments are made of Companies, comprising 100 to 200 men. For Cavalry a "Company-sized" unit is instead called a "Squadron."

Tutorial Command Points 3/3
1st para 2nd Line:
"if the general don't command a unit"

Should be:
"if the general doesn't command a unit"

Tutorial Brigades 2
1st para 1st line:
"To the left to the Unit Panel"

Should be:
"To the left of the Unit Panel"

ADDIT: actually though, I think it really should be:
"To the right of the Unit Panel"

Tutorial Brigades 2
2nd para 1st line:
"a soldier before a tent"

Should be:
"a soldier in front of a tent"

Tutorial Armies 2/3
1st para 6th line:
"rippling problems among the nation"

Should be:
"rippling problems in the nation"

"rippling problems among the generals and in the nation as a whole (reduced National Morale)"

Tutorial - Generals: Skills
1st para 3rd & 4th lines:
"the Elements Panel is left of the Units Panel"

I think this should say:
"the Elements Panel is to the right of the Units Panel"


That was a good first pass. Great tutorial! :thumbsup: I'll stop ADDITing to this post and if I find any others I'll post them in subsequent posts.

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Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:30 pm

There is a typographical error in the "army has disease" tollbox, you use "heach unit" instead of "each unit". (Beta 6)

Also Brigadier Frederick Augustus arrived twice as "a new hannover general". First he is not from Hannover (but I believe this is WAD), second, as I said, I have two of them now.

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