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Help please - cant download rise of prussia

Mon May 24, 2010 12:57 pm


I just recently started playing AGEOD games and a while back I bought Rise of Prussia. I also bought the option "Extended download period". A short while after that my HD died and I wanted to reinstall/and redownload ROP. Sadly I cannot find a webpage where I can do that without entering my full payment details or better without buying it again.

I wrote 3 emails to AGEOD support in the last 2 weeks and so far have not recieved any reply. Very frustrating.

By the way, sorry that I did not introduce myself properly. My name is Rob, I live in Germany, 34 years old and I have been playing various wargames for the last 20 years. I will make a proper first post here when I have the time. Currently I am in the office and dont have the time :blink:

Please excuse my english and have a nice day


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Mon May 24, 2010 1:17 pm

Hi Rob,

The extended download service is provided by nexway, our DL supplier. In theory, the link is supposed to be valid for some time, so I advise you to send request to Nexway support, not to Ageod. Please note however that today is a holiday in France, so no one (but me, lol ;) ) works this monday.

Our support mail base has been victim last week of a mail bombing attack, with over 20,000 mails received in a few days...yours (legitimate) is probably lost in it.

I advise you send us all the required information either here in a PM or to me directly at and we shall find a solution for you.

Thanks for your patience :cool:

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Tue May 25, 2010 12:22 am

Oh, and Gilgenbach (Rob), your English is great! I wish I could speak German as well. I used to be fluent in French and want to refresh it sometime. Right now I'm learning Japanese, though.

But, never worry about apologizing.

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