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Factories shutting down

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:23 pm
by ETF
Hey guys why do some of my factories shut down? I "flick" them on and often some not many will always shut off. Is there something that I am missing. Are the shutting them down for my own good sake :)

Another question if I may. Playing Prussia and have taken the Netherlands European provinces how will I ever get a war score of 180 to just take one dutch province. What happens if I just occupy them will the citizens eventually come over to my culture or calm down?

Re: Factories shutting down

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 8:08 pm
by loki100
one reason may be that the factory is still being built? If I recall it shows up on the production screen and you flip it to on - the end turn routine then flips it off.

if you are not playing with 'extended claims' then you can't take European regions that are not of your ethnicity or an objective - this is why Alsace-Lorraine are transferred to Prussia by event post an 1870 war with France. So your warscore has to be spent on colonial gains and/or reparations (or converted back to good will)

as long as you occupy you get production and have to feed them - this is not bad as it means more sales for your other industries, but they actually get more rebellous so thats not a long term option

Re: Factories shutting down

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:46 am
by ETF
Ah, awesome thank you answered all my questions!