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Pride of Nations on Android Tablet

Tue May 07, 2019 4:13 pm


Recently I was able to start playing PON on my Samsung Tab A - which is awesome - as I can now play while watching shows with my son from the couch ;)

You just need a Steam install on your PC -> Android with the Steam Link beta App and a decent wifi setup.

They say you need a 5 ghz network for the wifi for the tablet connection but I can also manage with 2.4.

Your PC should be hard wired for Ethernet though.

The other major obstacle is the small text in PON.

This can be overcome by enabling the magnifier on your tablet (later Android versions) and tapping 3 times in the target area.

Good luck if you want to try this … Now back to the couch for me to resume my career as Tsar of all the Russias :)

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