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Music in PON

Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:30 am

Hello everyone
A bit late to be asking this since I haven't tried playing in a couple of years, but how does music work in PON?

Is there a limit to the number of music clips that can be played?

I'm guessing that the engine looks for each country and general category (e.g. Italy, Peace) and rotates through all of the pieces that fulfil the necessary conditions.

It's an interesting approach, and I'm surprised it wasn't used in To End All Wars.

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Re: Music in PON

Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:11 pm

My guess:
program takes music from list, looking for COUNTRY TAG then plays it one by one. You may edit Musics.ini in Pride of Nations\VGN\Sounds\ to test it yourself.
Music0 = VGN_Theme.mp3
Music1 = AUS_ALL_Oh du mein Osterreich.mp3
Music2 = FRA_ALL_National_Anthem_France.mp3
Music3 = GBR_ALL_United Kingdom God Save the Queen.mp3
Music4 = GER_ALL_National_Anthem_Germany.mp3
Music5 = ITA_ALL_National_Anthem_Italy.mp3
Music6 = JAP_ALL_National_Anthem_Japan.mp3
Music7 = RUS_ALL_National_Anthem_Russia.mp3
Music8 = USA_ALL_National_Anthem_USA.mp3
Music9 = TUR_ALL_Ottoman Empire Anthem.mp3
Music10 = CHI_ALL_Music of Imperial China.mp3
Music11 = AUS_WAR_Erzherzog_Karl_Marsch.mp3
Music12 = AUS_WAR_Hoch Habsburg Marsch.mp3
Music13 = FRA_WAR_Marche_Bonnet_A_Poil.mp3
Music14 = FRA_WAR_Marche De La Legion.mp3
Music15 = GBR_WAR_Army of the Nile.mp3
Music16 = GBR_WAR_On_The_Square.mp3
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