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Music in PON

Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:30 am

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Re: Music in PON

Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:11 pm

My guess:
program takes music from list, looking for COUNTRY TAG then plays it one by one. You may edit Musics.ini in Pride of Nations\VGN\Sounds\ to test it yourself.
Music0 = VGN_Theme.mp3
Music1 = AUS_ALL_Oh du mein Osterreich.mp3
Music2 = FRA_ALL_National_Anthem_France.mp3
Music3 = GBR_ALL_United Kingdom God Save the Queen.mp3
Music4 = GER_ALL_National_Anthem_Germany.mp3
Music5 = ITA_ALL_National_Anthem_Italy.mp3
Music6 = JAP_ALL_National_Anthem_Japan.mp3
Music7 = RUS_ALL_National_Anthem_Russia.mp3
Music8 = USA_ALL_National_Anthem_USA.mp3
Music9 = TUR_ALL_Ottoman Empire Anthem.mp3
Music10 = CHI_ALL_Music of Imperial China.mp3
Music11 = AUS_WAR_Erzherzog_Karl_Marsch.mp3
Music12 = AUS_WAR_Hoch Habsburg Marsch.mp3
Music13 = FRA_WAR_Marche_Bonnet_A_Poil.mp3
Music14 = FRA_WAR_Marche De La Legion.mp3
Music15 = GBR_WAR_Army of the Nile.mp3
Music16 = GBR_WAR_On_The_Square.mp3
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