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Reset militancy doesn't work

Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:30 pm

I've recently used console to control Japan and I've noticed that the average militantism is at 96%. I tried to use the console command to reset it but it did nothing. Is there any way to fix that?

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Re: Reset militancy doesn't work

Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:15 am

No, I don't believe the console command works for reducing militancy. To get around this I ended up scripting an event in. I've added the event below, but note this resets militancy back to zero. If you want a different level then you will have to adjust accordingly.

SelectFaction = $RUM
StartEvent = evt_nam_RUM_MilitancyReset1860|1|0|NULL|NULL|NULL|NULL

MinDate = 1864/01/01
ChgPopContentEx = 100;100;100;100;100;100;ALL
ChgPopMilitancyEx = -100;-100;-100;-100;-100;-100;ALL


Note that the effects won't show until the next round of tax hits on the population, and if a region is already in serious unrest the levels of unrest (i.e. strikes, etc.) will only gradually reduce in intensity. Also, the levels of contentment and militancy will automatically begin changing again according to the situation in your game, so even though militancy may reduce to zero in one province it will begin climbing again as normal.

Looking through the event files within the game structure gives a good idea as to what can be edited and added through events. The best place to add in a new event is the "Plugin_...." files under the events folder. In any case, wherever a new event is filed just ensure that event file is included as one listed in the appropriate campaign script file in the events folder, named for example 1850 GC, 1870 FPW, etc.

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