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Music in PON

Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:34 pm

Does anyone remember how music works in PON?

I'd like to add an instrumental version of Va Pensiero from Verdi's Nabucco to the Italian music, but am not sure what coding I should use.

There seem to be three (possibly four) codes to write after the country name (WAR, PCE, ALL, and CMN if it isn't a mistake).

What I'd also like to do is have the triumphal march from Aida only play in wartime, which I'm guessing can be done by changing the PCE coding to WAR. I'm also guessing that I can probably get the music to do what I want by giving Va Pensiero coding that looks similar to what Aida had to begin with.

I'm assuming (or rather hoping) that there are no arbitrary limits on the number of sound files that play music, or the number of music file that can play in each category.

But apart from that, what do the ALL and CMN coding do?

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