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Enjoying the Crimean War, finally! Thanks, new patch.

Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:50 pm

I installed the latest patch and continued to play an ongoing game as England.

The first thing I noticed was that France declared war on Russia, which was already embroiled in a war with Turkey. This meant that I would not be fighting Russia with just Turkey as an ally if I joined in. I did not get a casus belli, but quickly created one, and had a most enjoyable time moving fleets and armies to Malta, and organizing them. I intended to take the Crimea. When my organization was ready, I declared war on Russia.

Great fun, with exciting naval victories over the Russian fleet, landing in the Crimea, only to see that the Russians were threatening to take Constantinople, rushing a corp to Constantinople in a desperate attempt to save it, which worked, trying to send the rest of my Crimean expeditionary force to Constantinople, only to have it attacked by a large Russian force as it attempted to board the ships. The great battle that followed was a victory for England, the last battle of the Duke of Welliongton, who won a victory so decisive that Sevastopol was abandoned by the Russians and taken by us, and a number of other interesting events.

However, Austria has just declared war on Turkey, which may change everything.

Great fun!

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