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Mughalistan - Unable to see map

Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:35 am

In my current 1850GC I have reached the 1857 Indian Rebellion. Once the Mughal faction spawned I switched faction in order to play them and give the GBR faction a challenge. However, when loading the Mughal faction I cannot see the map. I can select units using the F2 unit table, but I cannot see them nor move them. What file(s) do I need to edit in order to be able to use the mutinous Indians?

I researched the old PON:PAN mod thread for answers, but as the Mughals are an emergent faction during the rebellion some of the scripting does not apply to them. Oddly, this is the only faction that I have had any issue with. For instance, I have successfully played the Taiping who are also an emergent faction in fighting the Qing Chinese, and have been able to use such factions as Afghanistan, Persia and most South American nations without issue.

Any ideas? :confused:

Edit: Fixed. RevealTI command did the trick. Should have realised that the easiest solution was the answer :bonk:

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