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Relative strength of minor nations

Thu May 28, 2015 1:57 am

I'm still playing as the USA (early Dec. 1861). I'm at war with the Confederacy and they have long ago stopped being a major power. Is there any way to determine their relative strength compared to me? Using the F10 key, I assume their military is ranked #6 at the moment, which puts them somewhere between 57 and 111 percent of my strength, but that is as far as I can determine. Should I just chalk it up to fog of war or is there another way to determine relative strength?

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Thu May 28, 2015 7:44 am

If they don't appear in the stats in respect to you, then you are "safe". It means they are probably much lower (or higher, doubtful) than you. I would use the console to switch to them temporarily to see their stats if it was critical. After all, I think that the bug with the invisible map won't allow you to see CSA's troops positions even if you switch to them.

Make backup of your saves before playing with the console.
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Thu May 28, 2015 2:45 pm

Thanks, didn't think it was possible without switching sides. I won't do that in a game I plan on continuing but was just curious. Not sure what the invisible map is, but I do see the Confederates troop position on the F6 (I think) key.

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