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A Small suggestion about Russian flag in 1918

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:18 pm
by Siesta
AFAIK, Russian flag in 1918 was RSFSR Flag. But in this game, the flag in 1918 is Imperial Russian one. Although it is very trivial thing, I think a national setting file of 1918 scenario needed to be editted.

7th line of \Data\DB\Scenarios\1918\Nations.csv

2015;RUS;1;[IDS_RUS];0;NE_Slavic;"PETROGRAD;MOSCOW";0;PS_None;0;NPA_WarMongering ;NWD_FirepowerDoctrine;GR_Communism;0;0;0;0;;0;0;0;0;0;;;0;1;"2;3;1";"0;1";;;;;;;;;;;;"150;75;0";[color="Red"]"20;5"[/color];IMG_MAP_RUSSIANS

is needed to be replaced by

2015;RUS;1;[IDS_RUS];0;NE_Slavic;"PETROGRAD;MOSCOW";0;PS_None;0;NPA_WarMongering ;NWD_FirepowerDoctrine;GR_Communism;0;0;0;0;;0;0;0;0;0;;;0;1;"2;3;1";"0;1";;;;;;;;;;;;"150;75;0";[color="Red"]"19;5"[/color];IMG_MAP_RUSSIANS

I attached screenshot after changing the flag.. :)

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:27 pm
by calvinus
Bravo! :thumbsup:

I'll do it asap!