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Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:43 pm
by 06 Maestro
Taking a somewhat risky route, the German "Fleet" in East Africa will attempt a raid on the Congo. Apparently it must first negotiate the open sea-there is a RN unit in the area-we shall see what happens.


Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:49 pm
by 06 Maestro
The battle of Douai was quite an expensive fight for the first Army. It was not able to completely replace its losses. One reserve corp was left under strength.

Although victorious, it was not too much to celebrate.

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:07 pm
by 06 Maestro
The decision was made to press on for Paris. The following are the orders for the North West Sector.

The 1st Army will attack Saint Quentin and exploit into Compienge.
The 3rd will cross the Oise and advance to Soissons.
the 4th Army will concentrate in an attack on Reims.

The 2nd Army, after dealing with the T.E. forces trapped in Mons, will switch to the right flank. It will send on detachment of an infantry corp and the siege artillery to join the 1st Army in its drive on Paris.


Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:26 pm
by 06 Maestro
South West West Front
Oct 1 1914

It was a tempting prospect to cut off the French Army in Metz. Some secondary effort will be made in that direction, but the 4th Army must push towards Reims to support the drive on Paris.

The 6th Army (main detachment) will attack into St Michiel.
The 5th Army will attack into Briey.
The 7th Army will stand on the defense.
The 13 Army (newly arrived) will move from Strassburg to Morhange.

The West Front HQ will move to Saarbruecken-assuming it can perform its aerial recon mission and move too.

Hopefully the French Army in Metz will be more defensive minded than offensive minded. I am not worried about long term threats to the Rhineland, but it could make a mess of things if the French ai decides to move NE.


Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:31 pm
by 06 Maestro
All things are set for the October battles. There are also a few more maps that I could post before resuming. However, it may be a few hours before I click on the continue button. I should get some more developments posted today-GMT -8.

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:43 pm
by Clovis
The map is really a pure gift. Amazing how detailed and colourful the gamemap will be.

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:46 pm
by PhilThib
Yes, we made quite a few efforts on this the way, same artist as for ROP :coeurs:

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:55 pm
by Clovis
And this second map is a bit better overall than for ROP; less geometrical, more nuances...

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:04 am
by 06 Maestro
Clovis wrote:The map is really a pure gift. Amazing how detailed and colourful the gamemap will be.

I totally agree. Its nice to know right where you are at with just a glance-all the time. The orientation is not the only thing that has change.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:27 am
by 06 Maestro
Western Front
October 1914

There were mixed results during the month of October. The great scheme is coming close to success-Paris may be reached by the 1st Army in November. The siege artillery is nowhere near being able to reach the 1st Army by November, but it will advance on Paris regardless-it has field artillery; it will have to do.

The 2nd and 3rd Armies had their advance cut short-the 3rd simply because it was attacked before it moved. the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Armies all achieved their objectives. This means that the French Army which had advanced and captured Metz is now surrounded. Before the AI realized it was going to be surrounded, it continued its advance into the Rhineland. There was some hope that would not occur, as it has made a mess of the front in that area. However, the end result should be the anihilation of all Frech forces on German soil. (well, if you are French, you might consider it French soil :) )

The first-and most important battle was that of St Quentin. The German 1st had an easy fight this time.

An unfortunate loss occurred to the 1st Army. One of its cavalry corps that advanced south of the Somme in September was ordered to advance on Amiens. It ran into some 3rd rate French infantry, but that was enough to force a retreat.

As it was not clear if the 1st Army was going to be able to advance, the cavalry corp was withdrawn north of the Somme-it ran into more T.E. forces-this was too much-they went out in a blaze of glory.
This was a pre battle shot-as it was doubtful it would be seen again.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:32 am
by 06 Maestro
The 3rd Army was attacked by French forces attempting to escape from the encirclement in Belgium. The 3rd won a cheap victory, but its advance south has now been delayed.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:41 am
by 06 Maestro
The 4th Army did very well in driving a significant French force out of Reims. Further, it broke through and crossed the Marne. This opens up the possibility of the 4th Army reaching Paris also next month. The 4th now has an issue of a possible exposed flank as the French were not driven out of Soissons. That task was assigned to the 3rd Army, but they never reached that objective.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:49 am
by 06 Maestro
The 5th and 6th Armies took their assigned objective; Briey and St Mihiel, respectively.

This has resulted in cutting off 2 Frecnh Armies in the Rhineland. Minimal force will be used to counter this threat until the great push on Paris is completed-or ended.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:05 am
by 06 Maestro
Western Front-
North Sector
November 1, 1914

The campaign is at a critical point-for both the T.E. and the C.P. The German 1st Army is within striking distance of Paris. Its advance could be forestalled by a French counterattack-likely from Soissons.

The BEF now has forces, of an unknown amount, in Belgium and more in Arras. It appears that France is attempting to form a main line along the Somme.

One thing is certain, the right flank must be covered to avoid a catastrophic flanking maneuver by the T.E. forces. The 2nd Army will be able to provide that cover. There were some new ideas on building trenches worked out recently-this will help cover the right flank while the attack continues south.


New Trench doctrine available just in time.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:23 am
by 06 Maestro
Western Front
Southern Sector
November 1, 1914

The German position is relatively safe because of the stiffer defense offered by the new trench doctrine. In a short time the T.E. will benefit from this also.

To save the two French armies the T.E. will be compelled to attack. The 5th, 6th and 7 Armies can simply dig in, wait, and win. There is no need for them to attack-except to recapture Metz.

It is tempting to grab some big French towns, but it is not just a matter of marching into those areas. There can be no doubt that there are French forces in the area that are unknown to German operational intell at this time.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:07 am
by 06 Maestro
A/H and Russian Front
October 1914

The A/h Army has been riding high since the opening battles. This did not change during October.

There were only two offensive moves ordered; one by the 1st Army to capture Rzin and by the 4th Army-basically securing the front to its right flank. The first Army was also tasked with expanding its bridgehead across the Wisla by sending one weak Inf corp north and a Cav corp to the south. There is no Russian resistance expected in those areas.

The one weakness is simply the lack of units. The 2nd Army is still en-route. It would have been better to entrain part of the army rather than march the entire army together. Hopefully it will reach the front in November-taking up the right flank of the 3rd Army.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:13 am
by 06 Maestro
The 1st Army continued its run of good fortune. The Russian Army at Rzin looked large, but gave way quickly at little cost to the 1st Army.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:20 am
by 06 Maestro
The A/H 4th Army also had some good fortune. It was supposed to launch an attack, but the Russians beat it to the punch-the Russians attacked first. As it turns out, this was a good thing. The Russian Army was quite large and could likely have defeated the 4th Army if it was defending. As it was, the 4th Army won another impressive victory.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:48 am
by 06 Maestro
Serbian Front
October 1914

A/H forces have been making slow and steady progress against the Serbians. Serb forces have attacked several times-and recently won one small battle at a heavy price.

In October the 5th Army was ordered to attack Belgrade-it was in turn attacked first by the Serbian Army. in two engagements. The Serbian Army got the worst of it. The advance will resume in November.


This could be called a pyrrhic victory.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:02 am
by 06 Maestro
Eastern Front
Central Sector
Oct. 1914

The German 9th and 10 Armies finally arrived on the scene. The 10th arrived in Thorn and the 9th at Frankfurt am Oder.

The 8th and 10 Armies were to begin an operation to cut off the advance Russian forces in West Prussia while the 9th Army took up defensive positions.

There was no great change in the front-however, the balance of power certainly shifted in Germany's favor.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:13 am
by PhilThib
Breathtaking :) :cool:

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:17 am
by 06 Maestro
Eastern Front
Northern Sector
Oct. 1914

There was no additional action in East Prussia-except the siege of Koenigsberg. The fortress is still holding out.

There was some thought of sending the 8th Army to lift the siege, but in view of the serious threat Russia posses on the Central Front, this could not be done. The city will be retaken-if it falls. The loss in moral will just have to be dealt with.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:24 am
by 06 Maestro
Here is another shot of the detachment reorganization tool. This is something that really adds to the ease in playing the game. It is just really good. I am looking forward to utilizing this after a big redeployment phase-which will be coming up soon.

In this particular action I just detached a cavalry corp from the 9th Army.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:38 am
by 06 Maestro
Ottoman Empire
Oct. 1914

This was a fairly quiet month in the south. The O.E. 3rd Army advance out of Kars to the north east. There was a small battle which the Turks won. In another action the detachment of the 3rd Army advancing due north ran into a surprise Russian deployment-and were driven back to Sankamish.


There have been no British forces spoted in Iraq yet-and Turkish forces are staying in their current locations. All units were brought up to


The British have arrived in force in the Sinai. The 4th Army will set up a defensive line in Gaza reaching to the Dead Sea. Aqaba is defended with a single Inf corp which should be adequate.


Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:54 am
by 06 Maestro
PhilThib wrote:Breathtaking :) :cool:

Actually, I am finding this a bit exciting-the best contest I have had yet with this game. The AI is far more crafty in battle managment and apparently in operations also.

The contest in the west is right on the edge of being a complete success-although I am being rational about that hope though. :) There are just too many things that can go wrong at this point. One turn to reduce the forts in Paris is a bit far fetched. But I will get an army in there.

The situation in the east is a first for me with this game. I think I can seal the front fairly well, but the front is still weak in several locations-just what will the ai do. Also, Koenigsberg going down in flames is a first with this game (for me)

It is actually quite thrilling at this point. Time to rest.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:12 am
by calvinus
Please note (again) that I released 13 beta (private) patches since 06 Maestro started his AAR, and that the AI is considerably improved in the meanwhile. So this AAR would have "developed" very differently if he had started it right now! :D

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:55 am
by oldspec4
Just saw this AAR...this a great read. Have to agree w/ other comments re: the map, AI play, etc. :thumbsup:

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:31 pm
by Lannes
calvinus wrote:Please note (again) that I released 13 beta (private) patches since 06 Maestro started his AAR, and that the AI is considerably improved in the meanwhile. So this AAR would have "developed" very differently if he had started it right now! :D

Calvinus, for this 13 beta patches, only the IA is improved or others parts of the game ?

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:41 pm
by calvinus
We spent the last two weeks stressing our attention mostly on AI, but I introduced also some other improvements in other matters.

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:49 pm
by 06 Maestro
calvinus wrote:Please note (again) that I released 13 beta (private) patches since 06 Maestro started his AAR, and that the AI is considerably improved in the meanwhile. So this AAR would have "developed" very differently if he had started it right now! :D

I only have the ai set at about 60% and difficulty at about 50%. Those were the standard settings with the old game and I just continued with that. In the past I found that the slight increase in aggressiveness worked well. If the ai starts to get lazy I will bump it up a notch. I think I will try that later on as a test and comparison.