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Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:19 am

Manstein - Thank you for hosting the game and posting the AAR.

Gracias por recibir el juego y fijar el AAR.

Runyan - Thanks for a good game. I've got to say that I am pleased with this USA Victory / CSA Stalemate.

Here's my AAR for this round, summarizing my CSA strategy and detailing the results:

First thought – Wow, the South is weak.
CSA has two active Armies (Mississippi and West) with locked Army of Tennessee HQ at Montgomery. Smith’s Division at Knoxville, Forrest at Jackson TN, Watie at Fort Gibson IT.
Butler will open Gulf Front.
24 turns (over Early March 1863).

"el que defiende todo no defiende nada"

He who defends everything defends nothing, so I wanted to concentrate a Primary CSA Army to fight the Primary USA Army. I pretty much abandoned the Far West, leaving a skeleton force at Fort Smith AR and Little Rock AR. I sent every available troop East of the Mississippi River to the Gulf to defeat Butler - securing the Gulf flank. I sent almost every cavalry unit and raider North to harass the USA by destroying rail and Depots (I got Six). I planned for Tierra Quemada - Scorched Earth - by destroying my own Pulaski and Knoxville Depots and as much rail as possible in Kentucky and Tennessee. I got knocked out of Corinth MS before I could destroy the Depot.

Ding Dong the Beast is dead - destroying Butler's force was a game changer...

Primary Objectives:

Hold all CSA Strategic cities (Memphis, New Orleans, Mobile, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Little Rock). PASS except lost / regained / lost Chattanooga.
Take and Hold Nashville. FAIL.
Destroy Butler. PASS.

Secondary Objectives:

Reinforce and Hold Island 10 TN. PASS.
Take and Hold Fort Donelson TN. FAIL.
Take and Hold Fort Pickens. PASS.
Take and Hold San Francisco. FAIL. Unreasonable.

Destroy USA Depots (San Francisco CA - FAIL, Portland OR - PASS, Council Bluffs IA - PASS, Des Moines IA - FAIL, Dubuque IA - FAIL, Lexington MO - FAIL, Springfield MO - FAIL, Rolla MO - PASS, St. Louis MO - FAIL, Milwaukee WI - FAIL, Rock Island IL - FAIL, Chicago IL - FAIL, Quincy IL - PASS, Springfield IL - FAIL, Toledo IL - FAIL, Salem IL - PASS, Cairo IL - FAIL, Nashville TN - FAIL, Clarksville TN - FAIL, Bowling Green KY - FAIL, Louisville KY - FAIL, Indianapolis IN - FAIL, Vincennes IN - PASS).

Defend CSA Depots (Houston TX - PASS, New Orleans LA - PASS, Fayetteville AR - FAIL, Fort Smith AR - PASS, Little Rock AR - PASS, Madison AR - PASS, Memphis TN - PASS, Pulaski TN – FAIL but destroyed, Knoxville TN – FAIL but destroyed, Corinth MS - FAIL, Vicksburg MS - PASS, Jackson MS - PASS, Meridian MS - PASS, Mobile AL - PASS).

Pacify USA Indian Villages (Kiowas KS – PASS, Fort Smith KS – PASS, Fort Gibson IT – PASS).

Mistake - Need to remember that red assault is necessary to assault garrisons. This cost me simultaneous assaults on Des Moines IA, Chicago IL, Lexington MO, and Rolla MO.

Mistake – Never run fleets past forts (especially past two forts then into the USA fleet).

Mistake – get Cavalry out of enemy territory before Winter. Runyan's blockades worked - I lost a bunch of Cavalry to General Winter.

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Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:44 am

I'm glad that is over. I didn't play a very good game and will be hard pressed I think to win the next round I think.

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