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Anyone here have any interest in trying La Grande Guerre boardgame online via Vassal?

Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:45 pm

I used to play Vassal quite a bit to get my board gaming fix, and I've always wanted to try a game of La Grande Guerre (co-designed by AGEOD's own Phil Thibault back in his board game development days). I've got a local group who are good for regular board gaming, but none of them are into any old school war games of this magnitude.

So, I started looking at the Vassal mod for LGG, and with a little work, I think it would be playable. But wanted to see if I had any potential opponents before sinking the time into it.

If we went forward with this, I'd envision it being a multi-session gaming experience, maybe do 1-3 turns each session, and we could regroup on a regular schedule (Vassal is also nice for being able to save games like this that are hard to play in a normal sitting).

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