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Naval Question

Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:42 pm

Back to WWIG again. This game and CIV IV are the only games that I ever have owned that I continually come back to.

This time I am trying to learn the naval part of the game. I feel comfortable with everything else but this. So I have read through
the rules and board game rules on naval matters and played Jutland through numerous times using the board game charts trying
to get a feel for exactly what is happening.

I have encountered one major issue that I am confused with. A big part of your choice when entering a battle is to pick a
Combat Tactic (T, L ,C, A, or F) - similar to land warfare. This choice is then cross referenced with the AIs choice on a table (which
is a csv file in the DB folder and corresponds exactly with the manual) to produce a result for both you and the AI. However the result
never matches what should happen according the Combat Tactic Table. This makes picking a Tactic a crap shoot as your choice really
has no effect on the outcome (at least none that I can see).

Another problem is that I have heavily modded this game so I am not sure if it is me or the game that is screwed up. Did my modding
produce these skewed results? I know I could do a clean install but do not really want to. Also I have never touched the Combat Tactic
Table so that is not the problem.

Any help or observation would be appreciated.

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Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:50 am

Not really sure what the problem here is, sorry.

Do you believe that the computer uses the Player's Combat Tactic selection to select its own and so automatically has an advantage in all naval combat? I will admit to not keeping detailed records or analysis as to all the potential modifiers and outcomes in naval combats and to be honest, am not entirely sure that it matters a whole lot. Like land combats, the Naval Tactics selection process contains no absolutely correct or one-size-fits-all solutions and if it is not working according to design, I have never noticed it.

Naval combats tend to be attrition heavy, expensive and seldom decisive and this is pretty much in accordance with the record. Modifying and eliminating the Royal Navy's offensive and defensive handicaps in the stock game (which make the RN by far the least effective and most vulnerable combat fleet in the world) goes a long way towards facilitating a reasonable outcome. That said I am unable to determine why the combat tactics selection might be a significant issue.

Perhaps I am missing something or otherwise cannot understand why you think this a broken.


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Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:35 pm

Hey Chris good to hear from you. Sorry for my bad explanation of my problem. According to Section 14.3.1 page 70 you pick one of five combat tactics - T Cross the T, L Line of battle, C Column, A Circle Arc, or F Free Formation. The AI does the same and the results are cross referenced on the Tactical Chart given on page 71 (the NavalTacticsTable.csv in the DB folder). This then gives you and the AI benefits for the entire battle. What I am seeing is that you get to pick one of the five topics as does the AI but results are nowhere near what the Tactical Chart says they should be. They seem very random to me. I tried about 10 Jutland battles picking different tactics and then comparing the AI choice and checking the table for what should come up. It never matched the table. What I don't like is that picking a topic does not produces a given outcome. For example if I really wanted to bring in my second fleet I would pick letter "A" circle arc as this gives a bonus to bringing in a reinforcing fleet. I understand that you will not always get this (based on the choice of the AI) but the odds are at least in you favor of getting this. What I saw were seemingly random choices as results. I found one early reference to this in the forums but it was never replied to and never came up again. If it is just a bug than all I can do is live with it. My worry is that I have screwed something up with all my moddiing and this is the result.

Hope this is clearer this time. Again thanks for all your help.

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