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Allied Units not deploying

Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:35 pm

Have been re-working my mods for the 1915 and 1916 scenarios and building a 1918 Scenario mod and discovered that the initial deployment of allied units into armies and detachments belonging to other nations appears to be broken.

Using the 1915 Scenario for example, from the Detachments.csv file:

;BEL_HQ;901001;HQ - 1;DT_HeadQuarter;BEL;LDS_Static;901000;;;;YSER;"{BEL_C_226;0;0;0;0},{BEL_b_343;0;0;0;0},{BEL_Liege_343;0;0;0;0},{BEL_Antwerp_343;0;0;0;0}";"[color="#ADD8E6"]{ENG_Marine_344;0;0;0;0}[/color],[color="#FF0000"]{FRA_Marine_344;0;0;0;0}[/color]";2;2;4;2;4;-;-;-;BEL_L01;Albert I;

This shows that the French and British marine units should be deployed as reserves in the Belgian Army but when the game is run, they do not appear.


;ENG_5_a;605007;Det V - 7;DT_LandDetachment;ENG;LDS_Static;605000;;;;KUM KALE;"{ENG_e_454;0;1;0;0},[color="#FF0000"]{FRA_8_454;0;0;0;0}[/color]";;;;;;;;;;;;

The French IV Corps should deploy with the British V-Army Detachment at Kum Kale but also does not appear.

Something seems to be preventing foreign units from appearing in the armies and detachments of other nations in spite of the units being properly scripted and formatted in the appropriate locations.

Curiously in both Grand Campaigns, the Austrian Festung siege gun unit appears properly in German II Army so whatever the problem is does not exist in these scenarios.

GER_WP_Schlieffen;GER_HQ2;102004;HQ II - 4;DT_HeadQuarter;GER;LDS_Static;102000;;;;AACHEN;"{GER_2a_674;0;0;0},{GER_2b_674;0;0;0},{GER_2_Art;0;0;0},{GER_h_Coast;0;0;0},{AUS_d_Siege;0;0;0}";"{GER_Imperial_764;0;0;0},{GER_Cc_446;0;0;0}";3;2;3;2;4;0;0;0;GER_L05;Von Bulow;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

This effect is particularly evident in the 1918 scenario where the following units fail to appear:

BEL Army - no attached British or French Marines;

ENG III-Army - no attached Portuguese Corps;

Italian I-Army - no attached French Corps

German XI-Army - no attached BUL or TUR Corps.

Just to recap, the units appear to be properly scripted and they all have entries if the game is saved as soon as it opens. However the unit entries do not include a Detachment ID and the relevant detachments lack the necessary Unit ID's. I suspect this might be related to the inability to deploy outside an owned province but this used to work as I recall noting the existence of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps in the 1918 Scenario long ago. The odd thing is why this seems to work as designed only in the Grand Campaigns and no other scenarios?

Can anybody else confirm this?



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Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:54 am

Good evening an happy new year.

It's a very strange thing, it's impossible to attach a fighting unit but you can attach a support unit (artillery in this case no test for other unit) as i did there (just a try) :

;BEL_HQ;901001;HQ - 1;DT_HeadQuarter;BEL;LDS_Static;901000;;;;YSER;"{BEL_C_226;0;0;0;0},{BEL_b_343;0;0;0;0},{BEL_Liege_343;0;0;0;0},{ENG_Marine;0;0;0;0}";"[color="#FF0000"]{FRA_2_Art;0;0;0;0}[/color]";2;2;4;2;4;-;-;-;BEL_L01;Albert I;

For this reason, the 2 grande campagne are correct.

I think it's impossible to modify this aspect by modding (may be wrong). We must wait a code modification (with some others).


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