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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:12 am
by Hobbes
That's interesting and a little worrying. You shouldn't have to make a fresh install. I assumed the patch would somehow delete the cached files.
I'll have to test that. It would suggest that any new units added to a WiA patch would not have text unless a fresh install is made or the cache files are removed manually. Not good.

Thanks! It's great to get some feedback.

The Sioux only raid for a few months if the British fort is besieged or destroyed but they may return the following year if a seperate peace is not negotiated with them by Pontiac or the Green Bay tribes. If a peace is not negotiated I think their return is still a random chance.

Quite a few events in the scenario have only a small impact as I didn't want events to cause the scenario to stray too far from the historical path through events alone - but the cumulative effect if they all go against (or for) a player can make a fair difference. If nothing else they add historical flavour and all are plausible.

Cheers, Chris