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Colonial Campaign(gb) Small AAR

Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:05 pm

After Rop I have played this wonderful game as GB in Colonial Campaign in first time.

With normal "usual suspects" settings :)
Give Ai more time and low fog of war help for ai and also activition bonus(+1) to Ai..

I started my conquest with Forbes I got Quebec in late game and move west to Montreal(he Started 2 star generals ended up with 3 and some experience in defensive rating). But Marques de Montcolm was waiting in montreal. When I was in adjacent region he attacked me and I severely lost the battle. My other army was in albamy. With Washington as a commander of my of the ragional(line infantry) forces and trained many of them but I was not really good at orginizing forces and it was very late for them to join the battle at Montreal.

Early I attacked Loisbroug Fortress by naval landing and I was faced with 11000 army and I lost 2700(including 1-star commander) out of 3550 troops losing me 14 NM loss. Thats why I had low NM at the end. After the defeat I build a depot in adjacent region and defeated again :) Ai liked my depot and move most of the forces to Cape Breton. And happily lived after that :D . I checked regularly they had 7 supply wagon(red color in supply filter) but they were ok.

as other things I observed.

-much (gb)line infantry replacements then colonial replacements even my 3/4 forces are made of colonial provincal line infantry.
-Light infantry replacements for Gb not colonial. So İ didnt use much.
-Auto-garrison is working like excellent firewall :) İndians were unable to give me any trouble as they were automatically destroyed. Indians were not merging well and combinig forces.

Over all it was very good and enjoyable game.




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