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Parche oficial 1.10d

Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:14 pm

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Parche oficial 1.10d

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Lo que contiene

This is to be considered the Legacy Patch for WIA.
Only a catastrophic failre [something that simply does not function and stops gameplay] could result in another patch.

Modders may now be confident that no new patches will occur to disrupt their efforts.

Thank you for Playing Wars in America!

[color="#FFD700"]Saves from 1.10 or later are compatible.
This patch is comprehensive, containing all changes since the original release of WIA [version 1.00b][/color]

Game Engine [updated to version 121011]

You can now disembark troops from a fleet trapped in ice.
Cavalry will no longer assault Forts, even if breached
Siege improvements [supplementing rules added in version 1.08]

Besieged forces will now take attrition hits every turn, in proportion of their number and how the siege roll went (anti over-crowding rule).
If too many breaches accumulated, then a surrender roll is always possible (whatever the presence of a depot, super elite troops, etc.)
Each breach will make the besieged consume an extra 5% of his normal supply usage. The purpose of this rule is that by upping the supply usage, you'll have more chances to have your supply depleted enough so that the depot (or supply wagon) can't provide its 'surrender protection' to the besieged force. For the rationale, just consider that the breaches are also making depots and stocks explode or be wasted, as you get shelled pretty heavily, etc...
Fixed a bug where a lone sneaky leader could prevent a siege to happen, even if siege indicator was correctly shown

A retreating army can now split static units (abandon them) to escape better
If an attack is called off without routing (aka AutoRetreat), the attacking forces will revert to defensive posture but won’t retreat in another region.
A too low cohesion can make a stack call off an assault, aggressive leaders will have a tendency to force the troops though.
Added Overcrowding rule:

The overcrowding rule exists to penalize (rather substantially) forces that are too numerous to defend adequately in-cityscape structures (mostly cities and forts). As with other rules, the engine is not prohibiting in 'a hard way' troops to be stationed en masse in a given structure, as it would pose very large problems to handle for the interface, then the AI. Instead, it follows the philosophy of 'you can do it, but that's not optimal'...
See Wiki article at:

Exported several additional Game parameters [see \Settings .opt files]
Enabled new Main Menu Options:

120 DPI fonts
Dynamic Borders [caution: may cause slow map scrolling]

Reduced “away from home” move penalty [affects Militia and Irregular Units that have a defined “home area”]
Fixed a bug whereby a unit under siege could always escape from the region using a specific sequence of Movement orders, Passive posture, and Evasive Move Special Order settings


All scenarios recompiled
1813 Great Lakes

Isle Orleans ocean region unblocked to allow bateaux access to port


1755 Campaign [original and COL variant]

The Spanish transport at Penacola now unlocks when Spain enters the war

1689 King William's War

Added check for absence of an existing fort to the French Option to build a fort at Quebec

1812 Campaign and 1813 Great Lakes

Changed Tecumseh and his Indian units to Winter at Shawnee Village

Graphics, Text, Models and Units:

Includes all Models, Units and Graphics for King Philip's War mod
Changed all Leaders with “Entrencher” ability to have “Defensive Engineer”
Spansh Naval units now all have 0 Command Cost
Latest version of LocalStrings__AGE.csv included
Corrected several text references for Units and Models

Unit UID 700 $Unit_ShortName_GBR_ArtPW
Model UID 711 $Model_ShortName_ING_UncasKW

Unit Home Area changes

Rangers, Mountain Boys and Couereurs now “at home” anywhere in North America
American Riflemen and Morgan's Light Infantry are “at home” anywhere in North America

Completed a review and update of AutoRaise rule assignments to Units.


The Strategic Maps v2.0
created by Emx77 are included. Thank you!!!

A... jugar y divertirse :thumbsup: :mdr:

Sorprende al enemigo mediante la estrategia y el secreto, mediante lo inesperado y la rapidez de tus operaciones

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