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can't load a saved game?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:20 pm

hello group,

I've been playing the 1776-1783 scenario, as the US. Last night, from the menu, I clicked "save game". Actually, I've been saving the game through my playing sessions, because it crashed a couple of times.

I'm currently running with the 1.10a patch.

When I go to load the game, the only thing I see on the list that resembles anywhere near it is the 1776-1783 US. When I click on that, it load up the game from the beginning! bah!!! I was making real good progress with the US, and was at year 1780.

From C:\program files (x86)\Wars in America\WIA\Saves\1776 Campaign0 I can see numerous backup folders. Including Backup1, which has the time/date stamp of my last menu "save", from last night.

How do I get my saved game back? (Note, the resume games doesn't help, because when I clicked on load, it started the 1776 game from the beginning of 1776, and now assumes that is the current game).

Please help! I'd love to load the backup from last night.

I see .hst, .ord's, .trn's, and .rpl files....



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Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:12 am

Try this, go to the load menu, select what you think is the correct save, the use the home key on your computer to back up a turn. Then load the game.
If you see the backup in the saved games file, you can move it to a new folder (give it a new name) and load this save.
If both of these do not work, check back.

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