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How to report a bug or crash

Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:49 pm

In case of a bug or a crash:

1. Quit as soon as possible the game

2. If you saw the message asking you to send a report, always answer "yes" [or "oui"], then you will find a file in your [color="blue"]Wars in America [/color]folder named [color="Red"][/color]
Skip to step 7.

If no report message appeared [or you forgot to say "yes" ;) ]:

3. Go to the folder [color="Red"]Wars in America\WIA\Saves\[/color].

4. You will find there the game you were playing. If you have several games with the same name, then its the one with the most recents files.

5. Zip the entire folder (of your game)

6. Add in the zip file all files you can find in the folder [color="red"]Wars in America\WIA\Logs\[/color]

7. Send the archive to , explain in the mail what was the operation you were doing when the bug happened.

To help us respond to your report in a timely manner:
  • Please do NOT imbed bug reports in AAR's. Separate them in a new thread or email.
  • It is Ok to post bug reports in the forums.
  • Please do NOT send bug reports via PM or personal email to anyone on the WIA development team. Use onlythe support email.

Please supply this information in your email or forum posting:
WIA version:
Mods in use:
Side you are playing:
PBEM or vs. AI:
PBEM password if used:
Details / explanation: [What were you doing? What location on the map? What units? What text string or news popup? Please be specific.]

Thanks in advance for your report. A corrected bug will improve the whole game for each player. :thumbsup:
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