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Hard drive question

Mon Mar 10, 2008 2:41 pm

I downloaded NC without any problems, and I'm able to play (and enjoy) the game. The question I have pertains to hard drive access. Once I start the game, the hard drive starts spinning like crazy, and doesn't slow down until I quit the game. I have plenty of gigabytes of free space, 2.5 gig memory, and virtual memory set to allow the program to adjust swapping. Is this hard disk workout normal? The only other game that does it is AACW, which I haven't played too much yet. Even graphic intensive games don't put that much of a strain on my computer. Other than that, everything runs fine - it's just a little worrisome. Thanks!

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Mon Mar 10, 2008 2:51 pm

Hi derz!

If you scroll the map the first time there will be some HD access, as it loads the graphics. And of course if you process a turn. But aside of this there shouldn't be too much work on the HD needed. Be sure that you have enough free mem (which should be the case with 2.5 GB :) ) and that you enabled the option 'Use high mem' (or something like that).
But frankly speaking I never monitored the HD access while playing, but I will watch the little lamp next time. :cwboy:


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Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:50 pm

This can happen if you have checked 'Region pre-caching', otherwise with all memory you have, you should have Texture Initialized ON, Region pre-caching OFF, and you should not have much HD access. Continuous access is definitively faulty.

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