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Bug or bad/ugly design?

Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:07 am

Historic, atmospheric images missing! Right? :confused:

Only bare text? This must be a bug!
This way it´s ugly and unimaginative!

This is not the kind of AGEOD!
If, then I'm really disappointed now! :non:

"AGEOD’s recognized dedication to historicity, realism, and good-looking games!"

Sorry, not this way!
Bug or ugly design.jpg

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Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:01 am

Sorry, this is what was done for NCP. You think it is bad because you don't know how the game engine evolved, but believe me there was progress on this front for all games.

BOA1 did not have any option.
AACW introduced a few, rather hard coded, options, without images. Ask Gray_Lensman, the coordinator of AACW (a volunteer). He would be soooo happy to be able to add new options for AACW.
Then NCP. First time everyone and his cat (it means the data team, but also modders) could introduce new historical options. No images associated though.
WIA (BOA2): Same as NCP, but you get images!
ROP: As before, but you now can have multi choices options!

So you see, progress. NCP is now an old product and you are dealing with History here (several meaning on purpose). There are big chances that there will be a NCP2 I think, if Pride of Nations is a success. And then you'll get a ton of new features, promised!

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