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New scenario / 1.06 Version

Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:32 pm


I want to know if some people has developed new scenarii.
For example Italy campagin when Bonaparte was just a general or the egyptian campagin?
Because i really love this game but i played each vanilla scenario more than ten times so i need to change.
Thank you for the answers.

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New Scenarios

Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:11 pm

I too would like to see some new NCP scenarios like the Spring 1813 campaign. While the early campaigns of Napoleon the General are interesting I don't think they translate well at the map and time scale of NCP. Very small forces working in areas that are very big so that we really wouldn't be able to replicate Napoleon's nifty moves against the Austrians. Like the 1815 scenario the mapscale just doesn't do justice to situations like Napoleon moving against separate enemy commands because all of those nifty moves would happen in one region as well as the battles.

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