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Changing city names

Wed May 27, 2009 11:07 am


I worked out how to change regional names using RegionsUtil.exe. Now I'm looking to do the same for city names but this isn't going as smoothly. I get the impression city names are held at a scenario level and therefore you have to change them using the scenario-specific files.

I looked at the Excel -> CSV -> CSVSplitter route but couldn't make sense of it. I mean I could find varioius scenario-related spreadsheets, and they each have a Cities worksheet in them which I could modify and then save as a CSV file, but as to how you then process them in the Splitter, this seems totally opaque. I don't know what tab to use, what extension to use, where they should be output to etc etc.

So, I thought I would go the direct route. The most relevant references seemed to be in a bunch of scenario/campaign related .inc files. So, taking the Wien -> Vienna example, I looked for the string "SetName = Wien" and wherever I found it changed it to "SetName = Vienna". However in the game, the city in question still appeared as Wien.

There's obviously something missing in what I'm doing or a guide to all this that I've missed. If I wanted, for example, to change the name of the city "Wien" to "Vienna", throughout the game, how would I go about it?



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Thu May 28, 2009 5:18 pm

Have you recreated a game after you edited directly the scenario, changing the city name (which is born by a structure of type city as you know). Normally, this should work, even if this is the manual way of doing it.

To use CSVSplitter for cities, you should use the Script Cities tab, this will create a file from your csv, that you should rename (examples) Cities1809.inc

If Cities1809.inc is the name of the include file called in the 1809 Setup... Check the include directory, you should find one such .inc for each scenario, just replace the old one with you. Then you have to recreate the scenario. There is doc about that, as this is another story :)

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