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Modding Units/Models

Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:36 pm

I received a mess of warning as regard new units/models editing and related risks for NCP.
It's usefull to clarify few points.

Units/Models have been edited to be used with my work-in-progress campaigns without "touching" NCP official scenarios.

Most new units & models are relative to leaders missing in NCP DB: when you are working over historical OOB and a General is not available in DB guess you have no chances but editing it.
As regard "new" leaders parameters/abilitis it will be game testing and gamers feedback to suggest later changes, at worst!
Some "new" leaders units/models are relative to higher rank profiles for Divisional Generals already included in the DB.
I also edited some new units/models for existing generals just to add the Commit Guard ability: guess generals in charge of Guard Corps should have such an ability; in a different way guards units behave just like common units!

Combat Units
Working over the 1813 campaign, at first, I replaced the default scenario "1812 units" with proper year "1813-14 units": it's a thing many of you out there enjoyed!
Doing that I had to add some new units, but using models for the proper year already present in NCP DB.

Sometimes the need for a new unit came from the way NPC units are edited.......
Suppose you need to add a "Prussian 4 sq. Uhlan Rgt".
In the DB the only units with that regiment type was:
uni_PRU_MdCavMix1 "2 Drag Prus ligne à 4 esc + 1 rgt uhlan à 4 esc"

Now if you need the only Uhlan Rgt, (with out the two Drag Prus Line Rgt) you have not choice but editing a new unit:
uni_PRU_MdCavMix# "1 rgt uhlan à 4 esc".

[color="Red"]Take this just as an example: may be "1 rgt uhlan à 4 esc" unit already exist as solo regiment in the DB!!!!![/color]

After this kind of need I edited a bunch on new units, all working on models already existing in the DB.

Indeed, I edited very few new combat unit models!
Some HQ units/models have been added: ex. uni_FRA_Hq4/mdl_FRA_Hq4.
The Hq4 units is a duplicate of the default Hq2, using mdl_FRA_Hq4 instead of the default mdl_FRA_Hq2 model.
New mdl_FRA_Hq4 has two new abilities attached to it: $Blind_Planning; $Over_Cautious_HQ.
It simulates a French HQ having trobles dictated by the Coalition cavalry superiority on the field: as a result French cavalry patrols are almost unable to collect informations over the enemy and report them to HQ. So French HQ is forced to work with reduced capacity not having trustable, updated informations over enemy ($Blind_Planning).
As a consequence it's overcautious when planning own moves,($Over_Cautious_HQ).

This features have been extensively tested and used to create specific random events adding depth to 1813 Hist. Mod. scenario.

When going after the April 1813 Scenario* I had to manage the trouble of the many Regiments/Squadrons with reduced ranks at campaign start.
I managed all that using existing, default models but in one instance I had to edit a specific model for the depleted Russian Cuir regiments: mdl_RUS_Cui3
mdl_RUS_Cui3 has been edited over the existing mdl_RUS_Cui0/mdl_RUS_Cui1 modding some parameters to represent the reduction of Squadrons per regiment.

mdl_RUS_Cui0: Cuirassiers 1805-1812 (5esc)
mdl_RUS_Cui1: Cuirassiers 1813-1815 (6esc)
mdl_RUS_Cui3: Cuirassiers 1813-1815 (3esc)

April 1813 Scenario* is not yet available for testing/playing. It will be matter of weeks/months before having something playable!

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Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:38 pm

Good stuff. :thumbsup:
Mods usually are! :coeurs:
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Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:35 pm

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