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VAT Matters - a short explanation

Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:48 am

Hi all,

Some very kind US customers offered to pay us the VAT :coeurs: ... this is very honest of them, but in fact they owe AGEOD nothing regarding the VAT (Value Added Tax, a nice French invention :sourcil: )

The VAT is kind of a Sales Tax, although working differently, and in vigor in all European countries member of the EU. That stuff is a bit complex (even for us) but I'll try to explain:

* When a EU-based company sells a product to a EU-based customer (private or company), it must include (and pay) VAT in its prices.
* When a EU-based company sells to a customer who is NOT living in a EU country (not taking any account of the customer's nationality, e.g. it would apply to a French guy living in Canada), then NO VAT is applicable...

So if you are not living in the EU, AGEOD does not have to charge you VAT (and our non-euro US$ prices are net, they do not include it)....

NB: make matters worse and more complicate for us poor EU companies, the fact that prices are in different currencies is irrelevant to the VAT matters... :bonk:

Hope it is clear :siffle:

Thanks again to ALL of you for your support and honesty....

Philippe Thibaut

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