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NCP Official Patch 1.09a = April 30, 2012

Tue May 01, 2012 4:37 pm

Corregidos numerosos fallos del anterior parche

NCP Official Patch 1.09a = April 30, 2012

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Lo que contiene

THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR THE 1.00 VERSION, if you have not installed the Foundation Patch before.

================================================== =====================================
NCP Patch 1.09a
April 30, 2012
================================================== =====================================
This patch is not compatible with saved games from versions earlier than 1.09 RC1.
In all cases, the Saved Game Folder will be deleted.

* 1813 Campaign
== corrected region ownership and starting location of units inside/ouside of fortresses for Stettin, Kustrin, Modlin and Thorn

* 1808 Spanish Ulcer
== fixed CTD when first turn executed [erroneous Faction called in Options event]
== corrected region ownership and starting locations of units inside/outside of several fortresses

Units and Models
== corrected parameters for BAV general C. A. von Beckers
== set Ocean-going Transports to 0 supply consumption to avoid starvation when locked in Shipping lanes

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