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NCP: Parche oficial 1.08

Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:50 pm

Fecha. 4 de noviembre de 2011

Parche oficial 1.08 :thumbsup:

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NCP Patch 1.08
November 4, 2011
================================================== ===========================

= New AI parameter: aiCTM_ThreatValInFow in AI.opt to help regulate AI agressivness
= Depot build bug fixed. Depots can be built with Supply or Transport Ships/Bateaux to the level defined in 2Depot.str
(where MaxLevel = 1)
= Siege, Pillage etc. icons will appear as the 2D version.
= "Unit Detail" CTD bug fixed
= New parameters in settings to regulate Automatic Experience gain. Bug fixed.
= Ammo non-consumption bug fixed.
= "Scrambled" Battle Reports bug fixed.
= There is now a stack (group) name memory. Basically when the scenario setup is created the current name is also stored. This has been done (and is very often useful) so that the name of a stack doesn't change as soon as you move a unit out of it, or the reverse. A stack will assume a new name by merging the stack into another unit or stack.
= An insidious bug with the "NotEnemy" script parameter is fixed. (This was part of the issue with the "Hortelez Supply" arriving in Enemy Ports in WIA.)
= Cavalry won't switch posture when crossing a river, even if 100% hostile MC on other side
= Bug fixed where sometimes a replacement was used from a wrong faction tag to replace an element in an unit

Updates and fixes by Bohemond are included: (Thank you!!!)
See NCP Updates.rtf for details

A... jugar y divertirse :thumbsup: :mdr:

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