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Modding retreats?

Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:36 am

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Pocus, are we able to mod attempt to retreat values?

I know that retreat is determined by a ratio comparison between the attackers and defenders. The percentage difference between the larger force and smaller force is used to determine the percentage chance the smaller force will retreat. So if the attacker is 200% larger than the defender, the defender will attempt to retreat 100% of the time before battle occurs. If the attacker is 150% larger, then the defender will attempt to retreat before battle 50% of the time.

What factors are used to determine the ratio difference between the two forces-number of elements or power? Are major defensive/offensive modifiers such as level of entrenchments and crossing major rivers taken into account? Is cohesion a factor considered in determining attempt to retreat? Are the quality of troops and leadership considered? Or is the percentage a straight forward numerical comparison of elements?

The reason I ask is because I just lost Nashville in my PBEM with Kilcavalry. My defense was 3+ divisions (pwr 1200-1300) entrenched to level 5 with good defensive commanders. Grant's attack (pwr 2200+) was directly across a major river, the Cumberland, with the 25% negative offensive modifier for crossing a river. The Union had 96 elements to the CSA 53 elements. The total numerical odds based on elements were 1.8 to 1. All mobile CSA formations attempted to retreat and did retreat. The only CSA troops that fought were the fixed militia which couldn't retreat.

But if the major river crossing modifier was considered, then Grant's force should have lost 25% of its advantage. The entrenchments are another 25% advantage in combat. Those are significant strength adjustments reducing the simple 1.8-1 numerical element advantage if battle had occurred.

I looked at the battle report to see what odds were calculated to determine the retreat percentage. Unfortunately the battle report was truncated and did not provide information on this specific battle.

Regardless I assume the retreat odds were fairly high because everyone retreated that could retreat.

To be honest, I expected the Nashville force to defend Nashville. Considering the power of level 5 entrenchments and defense of a major river, I think they should have fought and considering battle dynamics, very possibly won.

Even if they had lost, my guess is they would have inflicted significant damage on Grants force which would have required time for recovery and slowed further advance. By retreating, Grant's force is in excellent condition and able to continue advancing immediately.

And my force has abandoned one of the best possible defensive positions available in the game without a fight-and is very poorly positioned without a comparable defensive position available. Retreating from an absolutely premier defensive position at a strategic location without even a fight was disasterous.

I have seen three other situations in which I was surprised at retreat in my current PBEM-Stonewall at Harper's Ferry, Longstreet at Manassas and Kilcavaly's force at Alexandria. In each case, they were outnumbered but had outstanding defensive advantages-except Alexandria. In my two situations, I expected and wanted a defense but ended up with retreat instead.

And now I look at my defense of Springfield, Mo which has level 5 entrenchments but a power of only 235. Then I look at the Union force at Rolla with minimum power of 480. That is an advantage of over 2-1 odds in straight forward power. Normally I would hope that Union power advantage would be counter-balanced by level 5 entrenchments. Now I am wondering seriously. Will my Springfield defense simply retreat, just as at Nashville, if the Rolla force advances with 2-1 advantage in power/numbers. I suspect they will.

Are any defensive/offensive modifiers considered when calculating the attempt to retreat percentage before battle? Can we modify any of those factors?

Are we able to modify the ratio difference used to calculate the attempt to retreat?

Thanks in advance!

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