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Number of days for movement (Scenario killer)

Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:30 am

In real life, for Sherman and his Army to march from Savannah to Bentonville only took from Early Jan. 1865 until fighting ended on March 21st...pretty quickly on foot....especially when comparing the same march in game...

If I move my Army from Savannah to Goldsboro on Jan. 1st it will take me 195 days to get there....the scenario will long be over by then. So I need to change something and need some suggestions on what would be best....

Do I allow rail transport until a certain point? if so that eliminates some of the fun (small skirmishes that are designed to slow progress) and I might as well start the scenario where the rail trip ends.

I haven't looked into it yet but is there a way to change movement speed over terrain available to modders? If so it would differ from the actual main Campaign game of AACW but would allow the Scenario to be completed in a somewhat historically accurate time frame.

Do I just allow the Scenario to run that many months? Not ideal, boring a slow for the first few several rounds and that just would be dull.

I really like how I have it set up with battles/skirmishes possible everywhere there was (or could have been) a battle between the Union and Confederates depending on what the player wants to do. The time frame for marching has just killed my game......I had never taken the time to see how long it would take to get from A to B. I have play-tested a lot by starting the armies at different places, close to each other, around the map to see some results I wanted to make sure were possible. Getting ready to upload it I just decided to check on the distances from start to finish and was surprised with the 195 day figure.

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Sat Nov 17, 2007 8:16 am

The speed also depends on the unit type composing the stack...maybe checking the slow unit speeds (cannons generally) would help. Fix that, then fix others accordingly and u're done. While probably it would be easy to fix the number of days for movements, the only thing move-wise missing in the engine is the lack of calculation of days needed to put a city under control and the eventual loss of men coming from this process.

If you by chance happened to send a raider into enemy territory and see 3 cities undefended, you could take them all in a single turn...entering a region with a settlement or without, is virtually the same and no days are lost to put any city under control. Ideally, to control a city you'd need some days, no (the bigger the city the more time it should take) ?
Also, you'd need to turn some of your military personnel into police forces to start collecting taxes and so on...these things are totally missing unfortunately.
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Sat Nov 17, 2007 8:36 am

I imagine that weather plays a big role in that as well. Note that the 195 days is an estimate made upon starting the move; if conditions change underway, so will the time it takes to get there change as well
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