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Sun Nov 11, 2007 11:16 pm

I want to develop an ability that gives Cohesion penalties not just to units in the stack, but also to units in subordinate corps in the leader is an army commander.

Code: Select all

UID   Name   Alias   Kind   Text   §Design-Text   ImageID   Color   Appliance   Family   Level   ProgRate   Param0   Param1   Param2   Param3   Param4   Param5   Param6   Param7   Param8   Param9   Param10   StrParam0   Area   ListParams0   ListParams1   ListParams2
$abi_nam_BMDispirited_Commander   Dispirited_Commander   $abiCohAdjust   $abi_txt_BMDispirited_Commander   This commander is absolutly not charismatic for his men, or is a defaitist. -5 Maximum Cohesion to the stack if the commander, -25% to the Cohesion recovery rate.   abi_CohesionMalus.png   $colAbi_DarkOrange   Leader   1   1   1   -5   100   -25   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL   NULL

Here's the code so far, the only real change from dispirited leader and dispirited commander is changing "ProgrRate" from NULL to 1 (as in the other CP events that have subordinate corps experience CP Benefits or Penalties).

Will this event work as designed?

I want to be able to represent generals like Bragg, who not only had poor inspiration on troops directly under his command, but also in corps under his command (also, I would like to create a reverse to this, meaning that a cohesion bonus could be implemented for corps under an Army commander's command, like Lee was able to do with his men).

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