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Adding Special Abilities

Wed Jun 06, 2007 11:13 pm

I would like to create a special ability which increases the hide value of a formation when not located in cities, villages,forests. I am thinking of a good screening cavalry leader who is expert had preventing an enemy from gaining information about his parent formation.

Ideally, this special ability would be the opposite of the master_spy ability.

Below are the values of the master spy. The Fow is adjusted, I assume, by increasing the detection value by 1 which is indicated by the "0 1" after "group" in the data below. Athough it is interesting that the change only applies within the leaders region. If detection value is increased, it should impact the detection of units in both the leaders region and adjacent regions.

28 $abi_nam_MasterScout Master_Scout $FoWAdjustAbi $abi_txt_MasterScout This leader improves detection of enemy units (except irregulars) within the same region. abi_spy1.png $colAbi_LightYellow Group 0 1 NULL -1 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL $Regular|$Militia|$Artillery|$SupplyType

To increase the hide value of a unit, would I use $FOWadjustabi? Or could I use $HideBonusAdjustAbi? I am also curious to whether $DetectAdjustabi produce similiar results as $FOWadjustabi? What is the best way to adjust the model factors of "hide value" and "detect land" for a special ability impacting an entire formation?

Once I increase the hide ability, can I limit the size of the formation in which the ability would produce results? For example, is it possible to limit this special ability such that it only works for formations of 6 or less non-leader units?

Is it possible to produce this special ability increasing the hide value of a formation?

Thanks in advance!

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Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:03 am

The logic is fine, but I am unsure if the code works this way. Pocus will respond on that.

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Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:32 am


It is better to use the $abiHideAndSee ability class. Where did you get the alias $HideBonusAdjustAbi by the way?

If you give the ability to a leader, you can have the test works only for a set of terrain, as you would like, but city is not recognized as a terrain for now.

You can't limit the bonus to a stack size also.

Are you modding for BOA or AACW?

You can use in AACW the ability 62 Static Deceiver as a template. Param0 is the hide bonus. Param6 is the need to be entrenched, so set it to 0. ListParams0 is the list of the terrain where the ability apply, take the list in ability MoveRanger for difficult terrains.

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