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A couple odd things when starting up modded scenario

Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:47 am

The new Polish War scenario works fine and all is good but a couple weird things happen on startup which bug me.

When I select the scenario from new scenario menu and start the game, it creates two copies of the scenario. I can see them when I open the saved game menu. The new scenario menu only lists the new modded scenario once and it has a different name from the original scenario. During testing and modding, my saved game menu ends up clogged with unnecessary copies of the scenario. I delete them but it would be best if they didn't show up in the first place. So anyone have ideas as to what is causing the game to open two copies of the modded scenario?

Second, when the modded scenario opens up, it opens with "build unit" mod activated. The first thing I have to do after starting the scenario is de-select "build units". I have tried saving the modded scenario in various ways during scenario creation in an attempt to get out of the "build mod" but no success. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Everything else works fine but I would like to solve those two little oddities. I have had no success and have run out of ideas. Has anybody else seen these problems and know how to solve them?

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Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:26 am

I have no idea on either of these phenomena, never got them (but I don't build that many scenarios these days). Welcome to the almost daily chore of a developer though, you'll have probably to start with an unmodded setup then add back your own stuff until you identify the problem or that it does not appear anymore... This is one of the reason why you should keep versions of your work, starting from a working environment and adding stuff into your setup incrementally so you can backtrace when it went wrong.

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Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:34 am

What is funny is I started a PBEM test game last night. When I started the scenario, I renamed the scenario, did setup and then saved to send to my opponent. Not only was there only one copy of the game saved but the scenario did not open in build mode. The only thing I did differently was renamed the scenario when I first selected a new game. Ummmm.... :confused: , I will take that...

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