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line prefix for explanatory notes in event files

Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:24 pm

The prefix "//" designates lines in event files which do not attribute to certain events, is this observation correct?

// some event description given for event "csa next event"
selectfaction = $csa
selectregion = $fort sumter, sc
startevent = next_csa_event (...)

Second: Shall these prefix symbols only appear at the beginning of a document or can they be used throughout the event file in order to provide for a better structure for the good user when reading the event files?

Third: Are space characters compulsory in certain event lines as a prefix? Can I add space characters as a prefix to my own selection in order to provide for a better structure when reading the event files?

Fourth: The name of an event is probably listet in some file. For example "evt_nam_CSA_SamHouston1861" would be displayed as "Sam Houstons Fight for Texas" or suchlike. When I add events, can I just make up my own event title written in plaintext without editting this unknown file? Like:
startevent = Aktivist Event Nr. 1 (...) would be displayed as "Aktivist Event Nr. 1
(Without any other charakters like quotation marks or underscore characters between words)

Fifth: Like question four, now regarding to the text which is displyed in a window, when the event name displayed is double-clicked.

Thank you for replies.


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Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:28 am

I might be totally wrong, but it occures to me that the mysterious file I was mentioning at question no.4 is the LocalStrings file.

To clarify question no.4 and 5:

What text will be displayed in the game screen, when there is no reference in the ACW/Setting: LocalStrings - files? Just the text as it is written in the field?

If the answer is yes, does this also count for fields connected with a $-symbol?
e.g.: In a model-file one can find a line called "text" followed by a reference to some field in the LocalStrings file
For the model of Samuel Cooper (CSA) this would be: "text = $uni_txt_CSA_RELee" (yes, it's RELee, but anyway). So in the game display will be shown the text stored in the named field inside the LocalStrings database.

If I wanted to display a custom text, can I write it just a simple plain text? "text = Samuel Cooper" Would that be the text which is now displayed in the game?

Thank you for answers.


PS: I'm asking these silly questions because I am really not capable of "modding" despite the help of the ACW database and the AGE-Wiki modding pages. It is all a mystery to me. So I walk the long way by modifying all the files directly with a text editor. I'm optimistic, still, that this more hearts-of-iron-style-editting is possible without causing game problems.

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