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Fri Mar 09, 2007 7:42 pm

I just ran into a problem with another game I have on my computer, the problem is that I have many copies of that game on my computer so when I try to patch one of them the autofinding function in the patch simply replies that it cant find a .exe file. :tournepas

Now many companies release their patches with these auto-finding and it bugs me that the company dont take into consideration that people maybe wish to play a mod on that game instead of the original game.

Now In not saying that the original game is boring or bad just that the original gameengine can open up for other great gaming and some times the gamemaker have made the game as modable as possible but if you want to play both a mod and the original game and a auto-finding patch cant update the game it is pretty much useless.

I wonder if it is more then me that find this annoying and what to do?

P.S. No critisism of AGEOD studios patches were you can manually set the path. Perfect!!! But who will in their right mind want to play anything but the originall game made by AGEOD :bonk: :siffle: D.S.
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Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:26 am

You will have no such problem with our patches. The patcher ask you where you want the patch to go, proposing by default the game directory. And you can patch a modded game, we don't care if you modified some data files. In fact if you want to patch a modded game, it is better to extract the file into c:\temp for example and fetch the files you want (the executable) as you data would be overwritten.

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