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Some newbie questions (beyond the manual)...

Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:50 pm

Hello there,
I bought the game yesterday from Gamersgate and played around a bit with the game. I read the manual and the beta manual, also some of the threads here, but after a few games with the Saxons / Britons / Sassanids / Ostrogoths / Visigoths I have a few questions to you veterans...

General questions:
  1. I got patch 1.06 with the game download, how can I get 1.07? What does 1.07 add (beyond cosmetics)?
  2. What does the "Official Mod" add, and does "mod 1.07" work with "game version 1.06"?
  3. How can I adjust scrolling? :o o It is incredibly twitchy... I would like it to be less sensitive.

And what bugs me even more, I haven't figured out yet what I should aim for in a new game:
  1. If I play a barbarian state, what should be my immediate goals for the 2-3 years after game start? Should I beat up on other, weaker barbarians, and seize their provinces? Should I march into empty provinces and beat up the natives? Or hit the Romans at the next opportunity?
  2. I noticed I can "conquer" empty provinces by beating the natives, will this help me turn into a strong kingdom or is it not worth it?
  3. If I am too weak to attack the Romans, what should I do instead? Is there any glory (VP) in expanding at the cost of my barbarian neighbours?
  4. When am I strong enough to beat up the Romans? I noticed they get embroiled in wars against the Persians often. In a 375 scenario as blue player, I attacked the Romans as soon as they moved their troops away, sieged some provinces, but then Western Roman armies came and beat me up. :o o
  5. If the Romans defeat me badly, destroying my army and forcing me to give up land, can I recover or should I restart the game?
  6. I want to become a federate in the Roman Empire, move away from the Huns and move my people into Roman Balkans provinces. How can I make the Romans give them to me? What do I have to ask for in the peace terms, and when are the Romans likely to give it to me?
  7. I got an event where I could choose between "submitting to the Huns" and "fleeing west". Submitting was probably the historic thing, it was option #1. I chose the other one and tried to take land off the Romans (unsuccessfully). What happens if I submit to the Huns? Is it any fun to play as a vassal of the Huns?
  8. Do I stand any chance to defeat the Huns in 375? If so, how?
  9. I played the "tutorial" as Saxons and managed to annex the Britons in 452. I turned into a kingdom and felt pretty good. But the scenario had nothing else to do. Generally, what would I do next after turning into a kingdom?
  10. Should I always "upgrade" my nation as soon as possible? (Barbarian --> Kingdom --> Empire). The manual speaks of Kingdom / Empire management as if it was a chore. :confused: And in one AAR (Sassanids), the player gave away provinces to avoid turning into an Empire. So what's the idea here???
  11. When I invaded the Roman Balkans in 375 as the Visigoths+Ostrogoths, the Romans never attacked my sieging armies but marched into my "home" provinces in Russia. Is this a problem? I always had my horde (the ox carts) with me. Do I need to defend my provinces at all? I thought I was playing a barbarian tribe on the march. :confused:
  12. How do I manage my budget as a kingdom? I read that there are all kinds of things that cost money (constructions + upkeep) and also ways how I can earn income (trade + taxes). Generally how do I balance the two? Should I try to maximize my income early on, or rather minimize my expenses? What should I do first if I have a shortfall of money?

I am experiences in many Paradox games (EU2, Victoria, CK) so I am used to complicated games, but this one has me more confused than any of the others... Many thanks in advance for helpful answers ... :)

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Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:32 pm

The patch 1.07 is available on our website, or here: http://www.great-invasions.fr/int-en/index.php?Location=Download/Patchs

Patch content is:

For what concerns his request about 1.07 improvements, herewith the list:

|Patch v1.07|

- Added missing Historical Event effects description IDS_HE_EFF_CAT_001: Pelagianism
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_BYZ_017: Ostrogoths intervention in Italy requested by Zeno
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_BYZ_018: Lombards sent against the Ostrogoths in Italy
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_BYZ_019: Help sent to Athanagild
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_HRL_005: Anti-Huns coalition
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_HRL_010: Odoacer ends the Western Roman Empire
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_102: The revolt of Zareh
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_103: The Revolt of Zarmihr
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_104: Revolt of Vaspuran
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_105: The Return of Kavadh
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_106: The Jews Revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_107: Mazdakites revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_108: Zam Revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_109: Bahram Revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_110: Bistam Revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_111: The return of Khosru II
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_112: Mormizd the Usurper
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_113: Phiruz II uprising
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_114: Khosru III rebels
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_115: Juvansher Revolt
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_116: Capital moved to Nisibis
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_117: Phiruz III takes power
- Added missing Historical Event title IDS_HE_TITLE_PER_501: Mazdakism
- Fixed bug: after loading a saved game all the resources on the buildings disappear.
- Fixed bug: it's now possible to appoint a governor in Britannia, provided all conditions are met
- Corrected all scenario files: fire & shock values of Auxilia units were wrong
- Fixed some small memory leaks, so improving a litte game perfomances
- Added some corrections in the English translation of a few nations' names
- Game interface now shows correctly religion of leaders
- "Successful Business" stratagem now can't start the construction of Shipyards in inner land areas, and other similar controls have been added
- "Industrial development" event now can't start the construction of Shipyards in inner land areas, and other similar controls have been added
- "Saint" and "Monastery" stratagems can now be triggered only inside land provinces, so no rivers, lakes and sea zones
- "Army Training" event now does not give no success message when zero units are upgraded
- Religious game interface now cannot show anymore a conversion percentage greater than 100% nor inferior than 0%
- Fixed display error in the list of all nations' wars and peace inside Palace window: no more negative duration for peace treaties
- "HC_NewEthnic" historical event was not properly used ("HC_NewNationGroup" should be used instead): all historical events have been fixed, plus added fix also for future savegames
- Added some cosmetic changes: the names of "Deargh" and "Persia" provinces on map and on information screen do not match

|Patch v1.07a|

For AGEOD copy-protection version:
- The copy-protection was causing a major dowgrade of game performances and stability. A less invasive level of copy-protection has been applied. Now the game runs again smooth and fine
- Upon Kingdom/Empire Status transition, Hordes can now be used for Rural Settlement and Urban Settlement action buttons
- Upon Kingdom/Empire Status transition, Hordes automatic rural settlement order is done

|Patch v1.07b|

For AGEOD copy-protection version:
- Fixed the awful bug of disappearing ALL Hordes upon the first Kingdom/Empire status change

|Patch v1.07c/d|

For AGEOD copy-protection version:
- Imporvement: added frequency for minor Ethnics assimilation tests (expressed in months, see in GameRules DB, line PAF)
- Fixed bug: the checks for entrance in play of historical leaders was working only for monarch, not for common leaders
- Fixed bug: when a vassal army was marching through the country of the dominant nation, the crossed province generated no income
- Fixed bug: when a vassal army was meeting an army of the dominant nation, they fought each other
- Fixed bug: Graft stratagem was wrongly applied, as no cost was applied on playing nation's treasury and the diplomatic relations improvement was wrongly applied
- Improvement: added reciprocity in diplomatic relations change for 'Gift' and 'Threaten' diplomatic embassies
- Fixed bug: wrong sprites for some religions (Acacianism, Alawism, Bogomilism, Karaism, Kharijism, Monotheletism, Mutazilism, Origenism, and Sunni Muslim)
- Improvement: deadline date for all historical events that can trigger 'technological improvements' (i.e.: Dromons / Fire Dromons for Byzantium) has been set to 31 Dec 1066, so that now this technological advances are now available also in later scenarios!
- Fixed Bug: the 'Bribe' embassy now works fine

Some players will come to your help soon, I am sure. Don't forget you just don't play a single tribe but a coalition of nations. Read the gameplay definitions in the manual, and most of all the website (http://www.great-invasions.fr/int-en/) info :cool:

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Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:21 pm

Hi Philip,
Thanks for the information on the patch! I thought I had looked through the web pages before, but I had not found the 1.07 one that did not require a serial number :blink:

Anyways I am now playing the blues in the 375 scenario (Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Gepids) and after beating up some of the other barbarians I managed to get all three tribes into positions along the Rhine. I want to have all three invade the western Empire as soon as possible. It's 380 and I guess I am ahead of time...

Is there any way to see how many troops I will get from my horde in the next round of barbarian spawning?

And how can I defeat enemy hordes?? The Franks gave me major trouble because their horde wagons were always in the path of my armies and I kept losing battles against them... even when I outnumbered them like 15,000 against one horde :confused:

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Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:22 pm

By the way, here are my three tribes aligned along the Rhine, preparing to strike against the western Romans and plunder their cities :D


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