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Exit Issues

Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:39 pm

After I patched to 1.07c, I saved my first game, and then tried to exit the program, only to have it crash and freeze. Even Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't work, and I had to shut my computer down manually. That's not good.

This happened several times, so I changed compatibility to Win 2000 -- I have XP -- but still had issues getting out of the game after saving my game.

I will try Win 98 next, but if that doesn't work, I will either have to uninstall GI -- a shame after all the work I went to to get this far -- or go back to 1.07, assuming there are no problems exiting after a saved game at this version.

I originally bought the Strategy First CD version of GI at 1.06d.

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