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Serial Key not working?

Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:36 am


I received some mails from people asking help for the serial key.
Indeed, version 1.07 of Great Invasions reported a serial key check error WHEN the Customer Name is filled.
So, patch 1.07a was release also to fix this bug. The Customer Name field was removed from the Setup tool.

Anyway, some people did as follows:
- they downloaded and installed the game
- then they typed BOTH the Serial Key number AND the Customer Name (wrong!)
- finally they patched the game with 1.07a (or 1.07b, that is the same from this point of view).
Result: the game was not running because of the presence of the customer name... filled.
In addition, given this field have been removed from the Setup tool, these people were (and are) unable to blank the customer name... :bonk: so having the game stucked at start with always the same message: "Your serial key is wrong... blah blah blah...". :p leure: :grr:

1) go to the directory where you installed the game
(i.e.: C:\Program Files\Great Invasions)
2) open the GI.ini file using a text editor
3) make the Customer Name field BLANK, as follows:


I hope this will help you.


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