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1775 American campaign - brief and no pictures

Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:42 am

Sorry no pictures this time, I just wanted to sit back and enjoy this one without having to worry about taking screenshots.

I finally got into the long campaign for independence as the Americans. While the opening moves were somewhat ahistorical, the overall impression from the game just feels great without being overly gamey.

I'm going just off memory here, so I may have remembered some things wrong.

After moving on and taking Montreal with Arnold in '75, the bulk of the British showed up in force in '76. I quickly abandoned Montreal and pulled back. The British went on to take New York City, Philadelphia, Charleston, and most of New England by mid to late '77. They pushed me back from Ticonderoga to Albany in the north, had me scrambling around trying just to stay one step ahead of them in the south, and they were squeezing me in the middle just south of Philadelphia.

Washington was in Albany doing just enough to stay out of sieges or breaking them while my main focus was counter attacking anywhere the British were weak. Things were going poorly and I was beginning to wonder how much longer Washington could continue to elude the British.

FInally early in 1778, I scored some minor gains as the British began to thin out as they pushed deeper and deeper into the country. I had luck on my side taking Ft. Detroit, retaking Ticonderoga, and taking Oswego. Some very much needed new regiments were raised in New England to keep the heat off Washington in Albany too.

I also made some large gains by retaking a poorly garrisoned Philadelphia and finally retaking Charleston after a lot of back and forth fighting. The majority of the British are garrisoning New York, trying to confront Washington in or around Albany, and moving south towards Richmond to attack my 2nd largest force after Washington's. I doubt I'll be able to hold Philadelphia as I only have the Marblehead regiment and some militia there. I thought I'd stick it to the British for leaving the city so poorly defended as they moved south.

Basically I've been on the run just trying to keep people alive until my late summer successes in '78. Now it's October of '78 and who should appear just as I've finally landed some counter punches? Spain and France declare WAR! :dada: I just about jumped out of my chair in celebration!

Ahhhh, you know it's a great game when you start cheering over something like this in front of the computer. So that's where my last save is and hopefully I'll finish up during the weekend. I just need to decide where to land the French troops...

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