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Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:41 pm

lpremus wrote:Let me know when the other years' generals are done.

@ Jabberwock, I have noticed during the csa army and unit pictures that some already existing photos are duplicate. In your game take a look at Jackson.png and RELee.png

Look familar don't they, almost the same right. I thought at first that the Jackson was for Stonewall but that one is TJJackson.png

so I looked up in Wikipedia and found out there was another Jackson, however that isn't the other Jackson. So if your doing new png files for generals you might want to review this one in the files.

Also take a look at the Pocus.png Is that a real confederate general or Pocus' beta test pic/avatar?

These are not other years, but additions and modifications to '61. All the work I posted previously has been retouched or completely redrawn.

I believe the duplicate pics are left over from when the game was being built. The current models don't point to them.

Sandra did portraits of several of the Ageod team members.
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