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CSA generals, letter B

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 9:39 pm
by Sunray
Braxton Bragg
- Born on March 22 1817, Warrenton, NC, age 44
- West Point class of 1837, fought with the 3rd US Artillery against the Seminole Indians in Florida
- During the Mexican War, his "prompt and fearless conduct" earned him a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
- Briefly retired in 1856 to become a sugar planter in Louisiana
- Promoted to Major General of the militia on February 20 1861. Commanded the forces around New Orleans.

John Cabell Breckinridge
- Born January 15 1821, Lexington, KY, age 40
- Studied law at Transylvania University in Lexington and was admitted to the bar in 1840
- Major of the 3rd Kentucky Volunteers during the Mexican-American War
- Democrat Congressman in 1851,
- Elected Vice President of the United States in 1856, on the Democratic ticket with James Buchanan as President
- Unsuccessful candidate for President in 1860
- Was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1860 from Kentucky

Franklin Buchanan
- Born September 13 1800, Baltimore, MY, age 60
- Became a midshipman in 1815, was promoted to Lieutenant in 1825, Commander in 1841 and Captain in 1855
- Served as the first Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy during the Mexican-American War
- Commandant of the Washington Navy Yard since 1859.

Simon Bolivar Buckner
- Born April 1 1823, Hart County, KY, age 38
- West Point class of 1844
- Served as the 2nd U.S. Infantry regiment quartermaster during the Mexican-American War, his conduct earned him three field promotions
- Was assistant instructor of infantry tactics at West Point in 1848–50 then served on the frontier
- Resigned in 1855 and moved to Illinois to manage family properties in Chicago
- Moved to Kentucky in 1858, commander of Kentucky Sate Guard.

letter E

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 9:06 pm
by Sunray
Jubal Anderson Early
- Born November 3 1816, Franklin County, VA, age 44
- West Point class of 1837
- Fought against the Seminole in Florida as a second lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery regiment
- Resigned in 1838 to enter the bar
- Returned to active duty for the Mexican-American War
- Was a delegate in the Virginia General Assembly.

Richard Stoddert Ewell
- Born February 8 1817, Georgetown DC, age 44
- West Point class of 1840
- Distinguished himself during the Mexican-American War, his outstanding conduct earned him a field promotion
- Served in the New Mexico Territory, exploring the newly acquired Gadsden Purchase
- In command of Fort Buchanan, Arizona.

other letters

Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 5:00 pm
by Sunray
William Clarke Quantrill:
- Born on July 31 1837, Canal Dover, Ohio, age 24
- Traveled to Utah with the Federal Army as a teamster in 1858
- Left the Army to try his hand at professional gambling
- Charges were brought against him for murder and horse theft
- Fled to Missouri and joined the State Guards.

John Singleton Mosby:
- Born on December 6 1833, Powhatan County, Virginia, age 27
- Entered the University of Virginia, taking up a Classical Studies curriculum
- Was charged with shooting another student and sentenced to a term of imprisonment
- Studied law in prison and became a lawyer after his release in 1854.

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest:
- Born on July 13 1821, Chapel Hill, Tennessee, age 39
- Earned one of the biggest fortune of the South as owner of plantations and as slave trader
- Elected as a Memphis' alderman in 1858

Earl Van Dorn:
- Born on September 18 1820 at Port Gibson, Mississippi, age 40
- West Point class of 1842
- Distinguished himself during the Mexican-American War with the 7th U.S. Infantry, his 'gallant and meritorious conduct' earned him two field promotions
- Commanded an expedition against Comanche Indians in 1858
- Career officer, served at various posts in Florida and Texas, Major of 2d Cavalry since 1860.

Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 5:04 pm
by marecone

some more letters

Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 7:55 pm
by Sunray
Benjamin Franklin Cheatham:
- Born on October 20 1820, Nashville, Tennessee, age 40
- Served as a captain in the lst Tennessee and as the Colonel of the 3rd Tennessee during the Mexican War
- Major general in the Tennessee State Militia, but left the state to take part as a goldminer in the 1849 California Gold Rush
- Returned to Tennessee in 1853
- Was one of the state's senior officers in 1861.

Wade Hampton:
- Born on March 28 1818, Charleston, South Carolina, age 43
- Graduated from South Carolina College in 1826 and studied law, but did not practiced
- Made a financial success of his family's plantations
- Was elected to the South Carolina General Assembly in 1852
- Senator in the State Senate from 1858 to 1861.

William Joseph Hardee:
- Born on October 12 1815, Camden County, Georgia, age 45
- West Point class of 1838
- Sent by the Army to France, to study military tactics
- Fought in the Seminole War and in the Mexican War, where he won two brevets
- Commandant of cadets at West Point, wrote a famous textbook on tactics§- Assigned as a Lieutenant Colonel in the 1st Cavalry.

Stephen Dill Lee:
- Born on September 22 1833, Charleston, South Carolina, age 27
- West Point class of 1854
- Career officer, served in artillery and staff positions, in the frontier and in the third Seminole War.
- A distant relative to Gen. Robert E. Lee

Edmund Kirby Smith:
- Born on May 16 1824, St Augustine, Florida, age 29
- West Point class of 1845
- Served with the 5th U.S. Infantry in the Mexican War, where he won two brevets
- Taught mathematics at West Point
- Promoted Major in 1855, transferred to the 2nd Cavalry
- On frontier duty in Texas.

Alexander Peter Stewart:
- Born on October 2 1821, Rogersville, Tennessee, age 39
- West Point class of 1842
- Se served in garrison duty and taught mathmatics at West Point
- Resigned his commission in 1845 to become an educator.

Richard Taylor:
- Born on January 27 1826 near Louisville, Kentucky, age 35
- Graduated from Yale in 1845
- During the Mexican-American War, served as the military secretary to his father
- Was elected in 1855 to the Louisiana Senate, in which he served until 1861
- Was the son of former President of the U.S. Zachary Taylor and brother-in-law of President Jefferson Davis.

Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 2:21 pm
by rickd79
Ambrose Powell Hill:
- Born on November 9 1825, Culpeper, Virginia
- West Point Class of 1847
- Served in the 1st U.S. Artillery
- Veteran of the Mexican-American War and the Seminole Wars
- Worked on the U.S. Coast Survey from 1855-1860
- Unsuccessfully courted the future wife of U.S. General George McClellan
- Married Kitty Morgan McClung, becoming the brother-in-law of future Confederate cavalry commanders John Hunt Morgan and Basil W. Duke
- Suffered from frequent illnesses
- Known to his men as "Little Powell"

Daniel Harvey Hill:
- Born on July 12 1821, York district, South Carolina
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served in the 1st U.S. Artillery
- Twice brevetted for bravery during the Mexican-American War
- Resigned his commission in 1849 and became a professor of mathematics at Washington College in Lexington, VA
- In 1854 he joined the faculty of Davidson College in North Carolina
- Named superintendent of the North Carolina Military Institute of Charolotte in 1859
- Brother-in-law of Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson
- Deeply religious, but possessed a dry, sarcastic wit

Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 2:54 pm
by rickd79
Lafayette McLaws:
- Born on January 15 1821, Augusta, Georgia
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served as an infantry officer in the Mexican American War
- Took part in the "Utah War" to suppress the Mormon uprising
- Married the niece of Zachary Taylor

Richard H. Anderson:
- Born on October 7 1821, "Hill Crest", near Stateburg, South Carolina
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served with the 1st U.S. Dragoons
- Brevetted for gallant conduct during the Mexican-American War
- Known for his kindness, gentleness, and humility

George Pickett:
- Born on January 16 1825, Richmond, Virginia
- West Point Class of 1846 (Graduated last in class)
- Served with the 8th and 9th U.S. Infantry
- Brevetted for gallant conduct during the Mexican-American War
- Gained national recognition as the first to climb the parapet during the Battle of Chapultepec
- In 1859, serving in the Washington Territory, he occupied San Juan Island
- Involved in a territorial dispute with Great Britain nicknamed the "Pig War", where he and his garrison of 68 men stoop up to a British force of 3 warships and a thousand men

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 1:45 pm
by Sunray
Got the info, thanks a lot.

Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:46 am
by General Stonewall Jackson
You mention Nathan Bedford Forrest im about 28 miles from where he slaughtered the Union forces at FT. Pillow not once but twice